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Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil Ingredients

Lemon oil
Lemon extract
Orange peel extract
Palmarosa Oil.

Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Facial oil


Hydrates skin

Perfect for dry ageing skin

I had read about the amazing benefits of facial oils. I want my mother to try the Aroma magic dry skin oil as her skin is very dry. it is an average formula that contains aloe vera extract, grapefruit extract, Orange peel extract, lemon extract, glycerine extract and verbena oil which is known to provide intense hydration to dry skin. the texture of the soil is a little on a thicker side. an application it takes some time for it to get absorbed into the skin completely. even after it is absorbed into the skin it leaves a thin layer behind on the skin. my mum is using this oil for more than 2 months and skin has become super moist and soft. she is no more faces the problem of dry and dull skin. also, I have noticed that her skin has become more elastic.

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1 year ago

Oil is good


Sturdy packaging

Hydrates skin

Great ingredients

helps to eliminate melanin and lighten up the skin complexion. While saffron brightens up the skin tone and make your skin even toned. Aloe vera acts as natural sunscreen and prevent sunmakes the skin radiant and fairer looking. It comes in a opaque white plastic tube with screwthe creams texture to be very heavy. it does leave a greasy and oily layer on the skin. I was desperately hoping for it to work and that is the reason why I continued its usage. I used it for more than using the cream for about a month but there were no results in the skin tone as claimed by suitable for oily and combination skin. My cousin was using this cream for over a year and had seen no visible changes in her skin tone. The pigmentation and dark spots the usage of products that claim to be fairness products and give the skin a fairer tone. I saw my cousin who lived in a remote

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1 year ago

Aroma oil for dry skin


Sturdy packaging


Hydrates skin

Makes skin soft and supple

Great ingredients

Aroma oils have very special place in my life. I like to have oil massage on my body during week ends. So I try various oils. Recently I bought Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil as I felt that winter changed my skin in to dry and flaky. So I applied this oil on my body and face to make it soft, rejuvenated, and glowing. It comprises of Apricot kernel oil, geranium essential oil, jasmine oil, sandalwood oil and orange oil. And the fragrance is out of the planet. This oil keep my skin hydrated intensively and make it soft and shiny without looking oily and greasy. Massaging this oil on my face and neck calms the sensitive skin and as it deeply penetrates in to the skin it locks the moisture inside the layers of skin and does not allow it to dry out. It acts as a conditioner to skin and works out to reveal radiant and glowing skin. Available in a travel-friendly bottle with a thin consistency.

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1 year ago

best oil therapy for dry skin


non greasy

reduces aging signs

I have gifted my mother with this on her marriage anniversary. It is enriched with grape fruit extract, aloe vera, oranges, glycerine, lemon etc. It helps in providing deep hydration to the skin. My mother has a dry skin tends to flake frequently and she started to develop aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. The unique combination of the best ingredients helps the skin naturally moist and reverse the aging process. It helps to lighten blemishes and dark spots also. She uses it every night before going to bed and massage it lightly with this. Within a month span her skin became soft, supple and dullness also reduced. The fragrance is very light and keeps the mood relaxed. It soothes the skin and keeps it glow for a long time. It is very soft on the skin and does not cause any irritation. The travel friendly package helps it to carry where ever she goes.

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1 year ago

For dry skin


Soothes the dry skin

Makes skin soft and healthy

Adds a glow to the skin

My cousin had a very dry skin and her skin used to become rough and scaly during winters. She was very much disappointed as the creams that she was using for her dry skin were making her skin dark. She was suggested to use this aroma magic dry skin oil for her skin. This oil comprises of Grape fruit extract, orange peel extract, aloe vera extract, lemon extract, glycerine extract, lemon oil, palmarosa oil and verbena oil. These extracts help in deeply nourishing and moisturizing the skin. This oil hydrates the skin well and makes it soft and supple. My cousin started using it at night time. She gently massaged it over her cleansed and toned skin. Within 3 months of its use she found that her dryness on the skin had reduced and it was more smooth. The skin texture had improved a lot. 

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Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil is an effective solution to hydrate dry skin specially suitable for old age skin. It helps to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. The rich formula of Grape fruit extract, orange peel extract, aloe vera extract, lemon extract, glycerine extract, lemon oil, palmarosa oil and verbena oil help in effective hydration. The skin feels more softer, firmer and supple with the regular use of the oil. The oil has a lovely fragrance which is mesmerising . The oil naturally calms and soothes the body, mind and senses. It aids in releasing stress and is a lovely relaxant. It adds a lovely glow and shine to the skin.

How To Use Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil ?

  • Wash the face with a mild cleanser
  • Apply a toner and then apply this oil.
  • Take a few drops of the oil on the palm of the hand
  • Gently massage it all over the skin in circular motions
  • Massage it gently till the oil gets completely absorbed
  • Avoid contact with the eyes
  • For best results leave the oil overnight on the face.
  • The oil can be added with the foundation on the face for a dewy effect
  • It can even be added to the face wash for a lovely effect and radiance
  • This can be used as a makeup base just before the foundation to give a lovely shine to the face

Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Great and sturdy packaging
  • Lovely mesmerising fragrance which lingers on
  • Suitable for excessively dry skin
  • Hydrates the ageing skin
  • Lovely natural ingredients which hydrate deeply
  • Skin looks more radiant and supple
  • Calms and soothes the mind and senses
  • Is a great relaxant Is a stress releaser
  • Gives a lovely glow and radiance to the skin
  • Is non greasy and lightweight
  • Can be used in multiple ways for application
  • Gives a dewy effect to the face
  • Skin becomes soft, supple and shinier
  • Does not cause any irritation or inflammation to skin.