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Aroma Magic Olive Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.5

6 Reviews

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11 months ago

Works Wonders


Non Sticky

Absorbs Well


Aroma Magic Olive Oil is one of the finest olive oils in the market. I got this as a part of a gift basket and use it regularly for my hair and my daughters too. This oil absorbs well and doesnt have a sticky after effect. This doesnt have a strong fragrance too. One main reason i never applied oil to my head was the strong frangrance. This helps me solve my dry scalp issues too.

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12 months ago

Average Product


Olive oil has host of health benefits and helps in healing an inflamed skin, tones and hydrates skin and makes it more supple. I purchased the Aroma Magic olive oil which comes packaged in a transparent bottle with a firm cap. I brought it as a massage oil and wanted to see the benefits. The oil is yellow in colour and did not smell good at all. The oil is very greasy and does not get absorbed too quick. I massaged this on my body avoiding my face. The oil could be easily washed off. The only thing the oil did was hydrating my skin. It kept my skin soft and smooth.

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12 months ago

multipurpose oil


Natural ingredients

Multiple uses

I have dry and dull skin and started using Aroma Magic Olive Oil on suggestion of my friend. It is a multipurpose oil and can be applies on face, hair. I love to massage with the same oil. It refreshes my mind and gives a nice relaxing spa feel at home. The oil is little heavy on the skin takes time to get absorbed into the skin. It made my skin soft and nourished. I used for a couple of times on my hair and it gave a nice shine to them. It comes in a transparent bottle with a spill proof cap, it is travel friendly.

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12 months ago

Good one


Ideal for dry skin

Aroma Magic Olive Oil is one of the essential products that every girl should have. My friend uses olive oil for skin and hair. She applies the oil 1 hour before taking hot bath. she has a curly hair which gets softer after using olive oil. Also her dry skin feels soft and supple after the bath. It contains immense nutrient which takes care of the skin and hair. It also nourishes them and restores the lost moisture content. This product feel slightly oily, so it is good to use it before taking bath. The fragrance is not so overpowering and a good one to use.

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12 months ago

Did not work for us


Olive oil is great for skin and my sister purchased the Aroma Magic Olive Oil online.this brand is re easily available and is priced decently too . The packaging seems very simple ,it comes in a plastic bottle and the cap stays tight enough so you can carry it around while travelling too ,it's lightweight and won't take much space in the bag too. All you need is very little quantity of oil and she usually used this as a part of her night time routine and applied on her face and hands. Although it is moisturizing but it made her skin feel greasy .she did not notice any great changes in her skin but it resulted in couple of breakouts not sure if it was because of this . But she did not like the greasy skin so stopped using this

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Aroma Magic Olive Oil is extracted from the olive fruit. This can be ideally used for skin care, hair care, and body massages. It is fully loaded with minerals, vitamins, proteins. The oil comes in a transparent bottle with a screw cap. It comes with a stopper to avoid spilling of the oil. The olive oil is yellow in colour and smells likes olives. It is slightly heavy on the skin and hair.

How To Use Aroma Magic Olive Oil ?

  • Apply it on your hair and scalp.
  • Spread it evenly and massage.
  • Leave it on overnight and shampoo the next morning.
  • Similarly, it can be used on face and skin to massage and get a therapeutic experience.

Aroma Magic Olive Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Smoothens and softens skin.
  • Treats burns and wounds.
  • Moisturises and nourishes skin and hair.
  • Reduces dryness.