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Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Face Pack Ingredients

Soya protein powder

Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Face Pack Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.6

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4 months ago

Tan Removing Milk Face Pack


Natural ingredients

No parabens

No alcohol

No artificial fragrance and colour

It has a bright pink packaging. with a white lid. They have kept pouches so it is really handy and can be taken easily during travelling. When looked from outside the pouch lookes half filled with powder and might make you feel that its not enough but when we make a paste using milk then you might see that its more than enough.

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Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Face Pack is enriched with natural extracts which instantly make the skin lighter, cleaner, and even-toned. The soya protein powder and buttermilk combine together to lighten blemishes and nurture your skin. Extracts of rose, chamomile, and honey moisturise and soothe the skin. Papaya and allantoin protect and repair skin cells to make you bright and beautiful. It is 100% free of parabens, harsh chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrance, and colour. It is a perfect pack for detoxifying, oxygenating, hydrating, balancing, and anti-ageing. Regular use of this face pack lightens your skin to give a flawless look.

How To Use Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Face Pack ?

  • Mix one pouch with Aroma Brightening Lotion to make a paste.
  • Apply it on your face and neck thoroughly and eveny.
  • Keep it on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off.
  • For the best results, use it twice a week.

Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Face Pack Benefits And Uses :

  • Reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • Eliminates tan.
  • Soothes and brightens skin.
  • Protects and repairs skin cells
  • Makes your skin soft, smooth, and luminous.