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Low risk 67%

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Astaberry Aloe Vera Gel Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.8

2 Reviews


2 years ago

For clear skin


Light weight

Suits all skin types

Reduces fine lines

We all are well aware of the benefits of aloe vera for the wellness of the skin. When I came across this aloe vera gel I was curious to know its benefits for my skin. I had a very oily skin and usually got many acne marks. I wanted to get rid of the excess oil on my face that was causing breakouts on my skin. This gel is a very light weight gel that gets absorbed in the skin effortlessly and gives the skin a clean and clear look. It is very light and has a very mild fragrance. It is very soothing on the skin and helps in the removal of dark spots and pigmentation marks if used on a regular basis. It also helped me in reducing the fine lines and pigmentation on my skin.

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2 years ago

Smooth skin



Gel formula

Absorbed easily

Suits all types of skin

It gives an extra glow and smoothness to skin and is good to use in hair also. Like using it with hair packs for hair. Aloe vera gel can be simply used in face without any ingredients and still get that glow and smoothness. I've been using it for the past 4 months and it's best for all skin type

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Astaberry Aloe Vera Gel is a pure extract of Aloe Vera. This non-greasy product spreads effortlessly and gets absorbed into the skin easily. Rich in moisturizing property, the gel seeps into the deepest layer of skin, replenishes it, and locks the moisture within the epidermal layer, preventing dehydration. As a result, your skin remains soft and supple for longer hours. It also effectively soothes skin dryness, irritation, and itching sensation and fights against the germs causing acne, offering a clear and blemish-free skin. With regular use, the fine lines on your skin reduces gradually, thus giving you a firm and youthful looking skin. This skin nourishing gel adds glow to your skin and suits all skin types.

How To Use Astaberry Aloe Vera Gel ?

  • Apply the gel on cleansed skin and face.
  • Massage gently with your fingertips.
  • Allow it to get absorbed.
  • For better results, use twice a day.

Astaberry Aloe Vera Gel Benefits And Uses :

  • Heals and treats acne and blemishes.
  • Soothes skin dryness, redness, and irritation.
  • Moisturises skin intensely.
  • Keeps skin soft and supple for longer hours.
  • Reduces aging signs like fine lines.
  • Lightens sun tan, dark spots, and rashes.
  • Protects skin from environmental damage.
  • Adds glow to skin.

Astaberry Aloe Vera Gel Ingredients

Aloe Barbadensis Miller Gel