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Astaberry Skin Whitening Facial Kit Ingredients

Vitamin C
Liqourice extract

Astaberry Skin Whitening Facial Kit Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.1

4 Reviews


1 year ago

Facial kit


Clears skin

No side effects

Who does not like to look good and fair ? people do so many crazy things on face to get the complexion but things work only for few and not for all. Rather than going to parlor and doing some lightening treatments, I would say to try Astaberry Skin Whitening Facial Kit. This is like a treatment for face that can be done by ourselves in home. This kit has five sachets where each one is used for different purpose. All this can be used only one time. Each sachet must be used step wise and must be applied on face in circular motion like doing a massage. The fragrance is very nice and mild. This kit lightens the skin tone and makes it brighter and whiter. It also opens any clogged pores and cleanses the skin well. The moisture of the skin is also retained and keeps the skin hydrated.

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1 year ago

Not that Wow kinda product



Travel friendly

Easy to use

This facial kit comes in a pack of 33g which retails for INR 165. The complete kit has 5 sachets which contain respective cream in them. This entire kit is ideally meant for single use only but can be used for 2 to 3 times. The cleanser present in this kit is a white colour and has a medium kind of consistency. The fragrance is very pleasant and does not bother much. The whitening gel, which comes in the second step of facial, has no colour rather it is transparent. This gel gets quickly absorbed by the skin. The scrub does its job quite efficiently. The beads present in the scrub may feel a bit harsh as they are bit large in the size. The fourth sachet has whitening cream in it. It is of pure white colour and makes skin soft and smooth. It is also quick absorbing and does not feel any heavy on the skin. The fragrance is also nice and pleasant. The last step involves the application of a whitening mask. This mask also comes in white colour and it does not take much time to dry. It makes the skin softer and cleaner. So, my final thoughts on this whitening facial kit are that this is good, travel-friendly, affordable, and easy to use. However, it does not make the skin brighter. Furthermore, the ingredients list is not mentioned.

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1 year ago

Waste of Money


My sister is extremely fond of facials but unfortunately did not have the time to visit the beauty parlor due to a busy schedule. She decided to buy the Astaberry skin whitening facial kit. The kit comes packaged in a white colour cardboard box which contains 5 sachets to perform the facial. The first sachet is of the skin whitening cleanser which is white in colour. She massaged her face mildly with the cleanser and then washed off with water. Second sachet contains whitening gel which she massaged on the face for a minute and then washed it off with water. The third sachet comprised of the scrub which had very thick granules which irritated her skin. The fourth sachet is of the skin whitening cream which is white in colour and had a soft texture. She like the fragrance of the cream but it took lot of time to absorb into the skin. The fifth sachet was off the mask which she applied on the face and left it on for 10 minutes. She washed off the mask with water. Her skin saw a temporary radiance which did not last long. She would not recommend this product.

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1 year ago

Temporary whiteness


Asta Berry Skin Whitening Kit is basically a facial kit. I got this online while i was purchasing a few other products. It comes in a small cardboard box and there are 5 sachets in it that contains all the creams that are to be used. The first step is the Astaberry Skin Whitening Cleanser which is white in colour and neither too thick nor runny and helps to remove all dirt, impurities oil from the face. The second step is using the Astaberry Skin Whitening Gel which is transparent in colour and absorbs quickly into the skin. The third step includes using Astaberry Skin Whitening Scrub which seems to be a little harsh on the skin as the granules are little bit thick in size .the next step is using Astaberry Skin Whitening Cream which is white in colour and smells great though it takes time to absorb into the skin.the last and the final step is using the Astaberry Skin Whitening Mask .it helps makes the face fairer smoother and glowing too. This kit is totally a travel-Friendly product. You can use it twice is easily available and affordable too However the claims of whiteness is just temporary that's all

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Astaberry Skin Whitening Kit is designed with a unique formula for improving skin complexion and prevent the occurrence of age spots. Its key ingredients are vitamin C, and liquorice and mulberry extracts. These are active ingredients for skin lightening.

How To Use Astaberry Skin Whitening Facial Kit ?

  • Cleanse youra face using the cleanser and wipe with a wet sponge.
  • Massage with the gel in a circular motion until it gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Use the scrub and clean up.
  • Apply the face cream and massage well.
  • Apply the face pack and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Astaberry Skin Whitening Facial Kit Benefits And Uses :

  • Its enriched formula moisturizes and clarifies uneven complexion.
  • It prevents skin from spots and blemishes.
  • It effectively reduces dark spots and pigmentation.