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Anti dandruff


Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair Conditioning


Hair growth


Hair strengthening

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Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.1

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Ordinary product


Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil is a well known hair oil that has been in market for longer time, say since my childhood days. I still remember seeing this hair oil at my relatives house and they have been using this oil since a long period of time. This oil is easily available in every stores and it comes at an affordable price. The product comes in plastic bottle that is not so travel friendly. However, you could transfer some amount of the oil into another container while travelling. This is a homeopathy formula that works in promoting hair growth. It suits all types of hair. The oil claims to reduce dandruff and promote hair growth but even after using it for weeks it didn't show any improvement in hair growth. This is just an ordinary oil similar to that of coconut oil with nourishing ingredients but there is no effective results noted.

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2 years ago

Good one



My friend uses Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil fir along time.She says it saved her hair from severe hair fall.She had dandruff problem M also that also is resolved with this oil.She says this promoted her hair growth to a great extent.Now she has healthy and lustrous hair anyone would envy off.She had problem of thinning of hair and now that's us gone.There is little breakage and split ends.She says it has a very nice smell of herbal.She applies and leaves it over night.It gas all the natural ingredients so safe for a longterm use.It has lightweight and formula which gets easily absorbed to the scalp. She had head aches often during to her stress,But this oil cools down the scalp and gives a good stress relief.It has no heavy feel on the scalp.The rate this oil is reasonable and its availability is an issue though This also helps I premature greying of hair.

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2 years ago

Enriching oil


Prevents hair loss

Enhances hair growth

We all are very well aware the benefits of arnica oil for hair. This Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil Zaveri nourishing and enriching hair oil made up of homeopathic formula That boost the immunity of the hair and make them strong and healthy. My sister has been recommended this hair oil by homeopathy doctor. She has been using this hair oil for more than a year. To prevent hair fall and eliminate dandruff from her hair. This hair oil has been very effective in removing the dandruff. It has also prevented her hair From falling and has enhanced hair growth. Now she has Shiny thick and lustrous hair and continues to use this product. This heroine is non oily and non greasy and does not make the hair look sticky. However, it is recommended to use this oil overnight and wash it off the very next morning.

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2 years ago

Best for hairfall



Medicinal formula

My hair used to look so dull and dry and unhealthy especially after pregnancy. To my dismay after I delivered my baby the hair issues have been worsening to a great extent now. And I feel so clueless as in what to do. I have heard few elderly people telling me that as the baby starts speaking the hair fall reduces eventually. Really! People are so very much fond of spreading these types of myths and I felt that it super high time now that I should look for some effective hair oil. I started using this Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil though was not sure if it would work on my hair issues. But I was really amazed to see the way it has changed my hair in to so soft and shiny. I fell in love with my hair all over again now. I no longer need to be worried for any hair problems now. My hair texture has also improved.

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2 years ago



Arnica is an old remedy for improving the quality of the hair and preventing hair loss. I wanted to incorporate it into my hair care and hence I decided to purchase the Ashwini arnica hair oil. This comes packaged in a simple white colour bottle with green colour flip open cap mechanism. I was confident that the oil would work for me since it is homeopathic in nature. I took a small amount of the oil in a bowl and heated it slightly and then with the help of a cotton pad I gently massaged the oil on my scalp. The remaining oil I massaged it with my fingers all through the volume of my hair. I left the oil overnight to maximize the benefits from the oil. It is lightweight and not very sticky but it may end up staining clothes. The oil has a lovely mild fragrance to it which was very pleasing and soothing to my scalp and my senses. With regular usage of the oil I saw a great reduction in my hair fall and dandruff issues. I would strongly recommend this oil.

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2 years ago




Medicinal formula

Hi , i am Divya Anbumani . like every body i am also start to use Aswini hair oil after saw a add in TV. me and my mom both tried this oil , its affordable and user friendly also . non sticky . but its have a very strong smell . because of a smell, i get headache and very slow result . that's way i changed my hair oil .Thank you for Reading my Review.

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Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil has a unique, homeopathic formula with arnica for getting healthy hair. This hair oil ensures faster hair growth while making your scalp healthy. It eliminates dandruff and itchy scalp conditions. The hair oil prevents premature greying of hair and with regular usage, it can even reverse the grey hairs into black. The cooling effects of oil help in relieving tension and stress. It has a non-oily formula that does not feel heavy on the scalp. The watery formula ensures proper absorption of oil in the scalp.

How To Use Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil ?

  • Massage this oil to your scalp and hair.
  • Leave it overnight or for a few hours before rinsing it off.

Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Clears scalp from infections and dandruff.
  • Enhances blood circulation in scalp.
  • Helps in growing long and healthy hair.
  • Relieves stress and headache.

Aswini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil Ingredients


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