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Great eyeshadow palette, but the packaging!

I own a Tarte eyeshadow palette, and I have always been very happy with its performance. But, it was about to get over, and I was looking for a substitute for that one. When I checked out the Flawless 4 Palette, I found the colors were very similar to the palette I own, and it was at half the price. So I bought that palette, along with Beyond Flawless. I bought two palettes and still paid lesser money then what I would spend at Tarte.

Anyway, so, these palettes are pretty amazing. Both the palettes have beautiful eyeshadow shades, and I love using all of them. The finishes are matte, shimmer, satin, and frosty. And these two palettes are more than enough to pull any look for a day or a night out. The colors are very well pigmented - not all, but most of them are.

The palette comes with a full mirror, but there is no applicator. I mostly use my fingers and a synthetic flat brush to blend the eyeshadows, and it does a decent job.

Now, about the only complaint, I have from this palette - its packaging! It’s cheap and bad plastic. I have to fasten it with a hair tie to keep it together. And if not secured well, the pigments get literally everywhere. If the packaging were also up to the mark, I wouldn’t have any complaint from this palette.

If the packaging doesn’t bother you, then I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone looking for eyeshadows in a budget. They are worth a shot.




Highly pigmented


Uneven pigmentation

Bad packaging

No applicator

Fallout issues


Reviewed on : Mar 06 2019
Approved test


I cannot get enough of it!

MAC Lustre Lipstick needs no introduction. I feel like every girl has either heard of it or is owning one. I, like most of you, love MAC lipsticks. My skin tone is wheatish brown. So, I tried seven shades named See Sheer, Cockney, MidiMauve, Hug me, Giddy, Lustering and Patisserie in MAC Lustre Lipstick range till now. And just recently I got myself Spice It Up.

This lipstick comes in a black bullet case and a silver inner upper body. The packaging is functional and travel-friendly. I like the quality of the packaging. I have dropped it so many times, but it never broke.

These lipsticks are creamy with a golden sheen and a glossy finish. It is very lightweight and gives just the right amount of moisture. These lipsticks reduce the extra work of moisturizing the lips with a lip balm underneath. And also, I never have to worry about it sitting on my lip’s fine lines.

MAC Lustre Lipsticks give a sheer to buildable coverage. With all the colors I own, I never had a “not enough” issue. But I wanted a bold color, so I got Spice It Up. Even if it is a bold color, I use it any time of the day. During the day, I just swipe it on once. But during night out or something, I put three layers and I get the lipstick’s true shade. So, the thing I adore the most about this Lustre lipstick is that I can wear it as a sheer lipstick as well as full coverage lipstick.

But, owing to its creamy texture, it does bleed on my lips. And the staying power is just 2-3 hours. I wish it did not come with these problems, that would have made these lipsticks perfect. Regardless, I still love this lipstick for the shades and how it works on me. I’ll probably end up with the all the shades (someone HELP ME with this obsession!)




Does not settle in fine lines

Wide range of colors

Travel-friendly and good quality packaging

Sheer to buildable coverage


Color bleeds

Short staying power


Approved test


My head and eyes hurt! Don’t like it!

The scent was a huge no-no for me. I love the design of the bottle and that it has travel sizes. That’s all great. But when I ordered the bottle online it was broken and had leaked. Added to that, it’s so costly and it was all for nothing. Then the smell is so overpowering, it can hurt the eyes sometimes. It gave me a headache. The smell didn’t even last long which, in hindsight, is a good thing. All in all, YSL needs to do better than this. Maybe something closer to the original Opium scent.


Available in travel sizes and limited edition bottles

Stunning bottle designs


Overpowering scent

Can cause headache

Received broken bottle when ordered online


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