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Works well on my skin

My face is really oily, and my makeup does not stay long on my face. For that very reason, I mostly use waterproof makeup and matte lipsticks. I am sure many of you reading this can relate.

I use makeup almost every day, my job requires me to. Once I come back home, it takes a lot of effort for me to remove that stubborn makeup. On one hand, I am glad that it is stubborn, but it is also a pain.

The day I got my hands on Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water, my expectations were already reaching the clouds, thanks to the advertisement.

I poured out some cleansing water on a cotton pad, placed it on my face with a little press and started wiping. To be really honest, how it is advertised is not entirely true. Yes, it did manage to remove my makeup but not in one go. It took three pads of cotton and a little more of that cleansing water.

But since I anyways purchased it, I had to finish it. I will say that it does remove dirt and impurities very well. It feels more like a toner than a makeup remover. Do I hate it? Not at all. Will I repurchase it? Yes, I will, but the oil-based one because I have learned that it is meant for waterproof makeup, which is precisely what I need. Will I recommend Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water to others? Yes, I will. Even if it did not reach my expectations concerning waterproof makeup, it did manage to remove it at the end. And I sleep with a clean face after all.

So for people who use everyday makeup such as BB cream, tinted moisturizers, etc., this cleanser will work really well. And the plus point is, you don’t need to rinse your face after it.


No parabens

Does not dry out your skin


Light formulation


Not effective on waterproof makeup


Approved test


Provides moisturization + sun protection

Whenever I buy any new product for my face, I always look out for sun protection. Why? Because I consider a sunblock to be an essential routine in a skin care routine.

I am very keen to be writing about this Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++.

It has been three weeks of me using it.

I use it every day, even as a base for my makeup.

My dry skin is well moisturized and protected from all the toxins of the sun as well as the environment. I won’t say this is the best, but Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ is definitely one of the good ones.

It comes in two different sizes. I carry the small one in my handbag for ‘just in case’ situations. It is sturdy and travel-friendly.

Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ is a good option for a good moisturization and sun protection.


Convenient packaging

Makes skin smooth

Easily available

Blends easily

Evens out the skin tone

A little goes a long way


Moisturizes wll

Does not cause acne or pimples



Fairness claims not true


Approved test


Settles into fine lines and seeps into pores

As much as I acknowledge the goodness of this foundation stick, it just isn’t for me. I have very oily skin, so it doesn’t work well for me. I like the texture of the foundation and how easy it is to apply. For a few hours (mostly 2 to 3 hours) after using it, everything looks okay. But my face feels really sticky after a while, and it seeps into my pores. It is honestly is a nightmare for me. My skins look sweaty and feel clammy. So, I’m not going back to this one.



Creamy texture

Excellent packaging


Not for oily skin

Does not last long

Heavy weight


Reviewed on : Dec 18 2018
Approved test


Tighter pores.

I use this MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion both as a moisturizer and a primer. I also use it under my sunscreen. It feels so light and is absorbed like magic. It is the best when I am going for the natural look.

Over one month of continuous use, I find that my pores have tightened and the texture of my skin visibly smoothened. The only thing I found that can be improved is its pump dispenser. It is not as smooth as others I have encountered. Sometimes, it almost feels stuck. So I hope MAC resolves it.


Makes skin smooth

Tightens pores

Quickly absorbed

Multipurpose lotion

Promotes natural look


Pump dispenser is inconvenient.


Approved test


Love, love, love it!

I have dry skin which tends to get drier during the winter season. So I was searching for something to give my face a little bit of a boost along with my moisturizer. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief definitely was just what I was looking for! I spray it on after I moisturize my face, and sometimes after I apply my makeup. It really gives me a dewy, glowing look and keeps my face from getting dry and stretchy. It’s one of the best!


Moisturizes your skin

No parabens

No fragrance

Makes your skin look dewy

Leaves your skin looking fresh


Not suitable for dry skin



Approved test


Love the product!

Patanjali Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream is my first product from Patanjali. I wanted to use Patanjali Aloe Vera gel, but the smell was too strong for me, so I skipped it. Now that winter is here, I started using this cream as my cold cream. My skin is dry during winter and combination during summers. Quite confusing!

This cream comes in a translucent plastic tub with a screw lid and an inner lid to avoid spillage. It can be carried around but the inner lid gets messy, and the packaging is not hygienic. And about the fragrance, I have a sensitive nose – the very reason why I didn’t use Patanjali Aloe Vera gel. This cream has a weird smell. Not so strong as the gel, but it’s there. At first, it bothered me, but now, I have got used to it.

I have been using it religiously for the past three weeks, and so far so good. My skin feels moisturized throughout the day. The moisturizing isn’t too much nor is it too less. It is perfectly balanced. My skin hasn’t faced any problems of the winter season yet. So, that’s good news!

This cream claims to give a glow, but honestly, I see it nowhere. Other than that, Patanjali Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream is a pretty decent cream, especially for my first try.


Makes the skin soft

No harmful chemicals

Contains aloe vera


Good for winters


Unhygienic packaging

Weird smell



Good, but left a tingly feeling

I feel like this product is overhyped. With so many expectations I purchased it. But after a week's use, I think it’s just like any other shampoo. I didn’t notice any extraordinary difference. Like any other shampoo, it cleanses the scalp, smoothens the hair, makes it shiny, controls oil like any other.


Makes hair shiny

Mild fragrance

Cleanses hair effectively


Fragrance washes off easily

Contains sulfates


Deeksha Rajani

Nov 06 2018

Is it good for dry skin?
(Question for Lever Ayush Anti Pimple Turmeric Face Wash )

Farin Ahmad Nov 07 2018

No, Lever Ayush Anti Pimple Turmeric Face Wash is not good for dry skin because since it is made to control oil, it tends to dry out your skin and make it feel stretchy.


Nikhila Shekar

Oct 05 2018

Can I use it as a foundation?
(Question for Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Whitening+ BB Mattifying Glow Fairness Creme SPF 30 PA+++ )

Farin Ahmad Oct 06 2018

Because of its light texture, it can’t be used as a foundation. But it can be used as a daily moisturizer as it gives both sun protection and BB cream coverage.


Farin Ahmad

Sep 03 2018

How To Use Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil?
(Question for Trichup Hair Fall Control Hair Oil )

Arushi Jain Sep 03 2018

Wash your hair first with a cleansing shampoo. Allow your hair to dry completely. Massage the oil into your scalp using your fingertips and then apply it to your hair. Keep the oil on overnight for best results. Repeat thrice a week over four to six weeks.




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