pallavi Tiwari

Delhi , India

Beauty Profile

Skin Tone: Very fair
Skin Type: Oily
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Straight
Reviewed on : Jul 12 2019
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Love the gloss

The NYX butter glosses are absolutely among the best glosses in the drugstore. They have an amazing range of shades and formula feels nice on the lips. The product really does fit the name as it is very smooth and moisturizing. On applying, it does not give a shiny or sparkling look. The pigmentation is great and my lips never dry out. It also smells like a vanilla cake. Since my skin complexion is brown I bought two shades angel food cake and pralines. These colours really compliment my skin tone. The only issue I have with this lip gloss is that I have to reapply several times a day. It does not stay for long. I really love many of the colours and the way they feel on my lips. The brush picks up the right amount and I don't have to keep it dipping in to apply. I would definitely recommend this product and would try out more shades.


Reviewed on : May 28 2019
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Indulekha hair oil

Product description Indulekha hair oil is an ayurvedic hair oil made up of herbal ingredients like bhringraj, aloe, Nimba, Amalki, Draksha, Yashti, and Karpura. Comprising of these herbal ingredients, Indulekha hair oil is considered to be the most popular ayurvedic treatment for hair growth. It helps boost blood circulation to the scalp which ensures better nourishment for your hair follicles. You just need to massage this hair oil and leave it for a few hours or so. After that, wash it with a mild shampoo and see how it adds life to your hair. Indulekha hair oil work wonders for hair fall and revive hair growth. Pros This hair oil is 100% natural enriched with herbs. Stops hair fall, and resolves hair roughness and dryness Hair becomes shinier and bouncier. Control Dandruff 5.Prevents premature greying 6.Comes with a selfie comb which makes the hair oil application much easier. Cons 1.Very strong smell because of bhringraj 2. It is expensive 3. Don't expect immediate results. 4.Usage of this oil in winter can give you cold and cough. Review I would highly recommend Indulekha hair oil. After coming to the US my hair started falling and greying at fast paced. I tried using different oils but was of no avail. Day by day the texture of my hair became very rough and dry. Then my mom recommended me to use Indulekha hair oil. This oil had a strong smell, so I preferred to apply it on the weekends. Before each wash, I used to apply a substantial amount of oil in my hair. I would massage my scalp very well with the oil with the help of selfie comb attached on the top of the bottle. Let the oil stay in your hair for the whole night. Next morning just shampoo your hair to wash away the oil. You might need to shampoo it twice as oil does not go off easily. It really was a miracle for me. In a month  I noticed it added bounce to my hair and completely removed all dandruff. It took three months until I noticed my hair fall had reduced and served as a good treatment in preventing my hair from greying. You just need to have faith and patience, this oil is amazing.


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