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Nice consistency

I have been using this shampoo from two weeks. It is a good shampoo that does not require conditioning hair separately. The shampoo consistency is neither thick nor runny. The texture is so creamy and glides through the hair tresses. It lathers well and provides soft and smooth hair. A good buy.


100% natural

No harmful chemicals


Shows delayed results



Great one

My sister loved The Himalaya Fresh Start Oil clear lemon face wash as it kept her face extremely clean and dry without making it feel stretched. It made her face look brighter and more radiant. The refreshing odor made her day start with a new zest. She truly admires the face wash.


Washed face effectively

Lovely odor




Why this?

What a face cream. I wonder why was it even introduced to this world. It's a mere waste of effort. I didn't like how it actually sat on my face. I felt heavy and yes, it was not even easy to apply. The applicator made no sense to me. What about all the cream at the end of the tube. All waste to the bin. And the cost is very high.





Not affordable.

Slow results



Needs regular usage

I have been using this product since two weeks and as per reviews you get nice glow and all. But I guess it needs regular and continuous usage to see the desired results. As far as effects of the oil is concerned it gets absorbed fast into the skin without making the skin greasy at all. I love the way it moisturizes my skin and leaves it hydrated. Although expensive it would need continuous usage to show lightening of blemishes and dark spots


Moisturizing and hydrating



Non greasy


Needs regular usage




Prevents skin from Acne

Himalaya Herbals Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash is one of the good face wash which contains Lemon as an essential ingredient. The face wash cleanses the skin from deep that keeps them fresh. The presence of Lemon in the product helps fights against bacteria agents causing skin breakouts and keeps the skin acne free.


Keeps skin refreshed

Contains anti bacterial properties

Prevents skin from fugal infections


Contains chemicals

May dry out skin




Great One

The Re'equil Murumuru conditioner gave me amazing results. My hair had experience alot of damage due to extensive travelling. This conditioner did wonders by making my hair more manageable and frizz free. It gave great health and shine to my hair. It is worth every penny and I would be surely using this more often.


Gives a great shine to hair

Makes hair more manageable




Reviewed on : Nov 23 2019


Easy and safe to use

This serum has helped me reducing the sun tan and other damages that my skin is going through. A simple gentle massage allows the serum to heal the skin also increases the production of collagen. I use the serum at night and also after bath in the morning to increase the effectiveness.


Increase Collagen production


More damaged skin may need twice application


Reviewed on : Dec 15 2019


Must use hair oil

My cousin sister was suffering from anxiety and stress. This in turn affected her hair and she had severe hair fall. She tried many ways and natural methods to prevent hair fall. Nothing worked but this oil from mama earth gave her hair a new life. It not only nourished the hair but also gave them a lustrous look.


Treats hair fall

Excellent hair oil

Grease free

Non sticky


Reviewed on : Dec 19 2019



I purchased Arata body wash that is enriched with coconut and apricot extracts. It is formulated naturally with no chemicals. It gave a refreshed experience to my skin. It kept the skin hydrated throughout the day. The fragrance is very pleasant. I totally recommend this product.


Hydrates skin

No chemical composition


Lathers less




Removes skin impurities

As I have very dry skin and as travel much my skin got dry. Then I found this Recast Aqua Radiance Deep Cleansing Gel and gave an try. The product effectively cleanses the skin and hydrates it. The product helps in retaining the skin moisture by removing all the impurities from the skin.


Keeps skin moisture

Works deep from skin

Makes Complexion Brighter


Availability issue


Vandana Apte

May 08 2019

How to use MAC Lip Pencil?
(Question for MAC Lip Pencil )

Neha Krishnan May 09 2019

Apply the liner before the lipstick by lining your lips using the pencil tip for a defined lip look with long-lasting color. It is recommended to try a shade slightly deeper than your lipstick and blend it for best results.


Radhika Singh

Mar 23 2019

What is the staying power of Lotus Make-up Pure Colors Matte Lip Color? Are touch-ups required?
(Question for Lotus Make-up Pure Colors Matte Lip Color )

Vandana Apte Mar 24 2019

The lipstick stays put for about 3 to 4 hours. The lip color might fade a little after a meal, and you may have to reapply or touch-up.


Vandana Apte

Mar 08 2019

Is MAC Pro Longwear Concealer suitable for dry skin?
(Question for MAC Pro Longwear Concealer )

Sameera Sultana Mar 09 2019

Yes, it is suitable but for MAC Pro Longwear Concealer to work effortlessly, prepping your face with a moisturizer is suggested.


Ira Joshi

Jan 20 2019

Does Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream treat acne and pimples?
(Question for Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream )

Vandana Apte Jan 21 2019

No, Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream isn’t formulated to treat such skin problems. But it does not promote it either.


Vandana Apte

Feb 26 2019

Does Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum give heat protection?
(Question for Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum )

Sameera Sultana Feb 27 2019

Yes, it protects the hair from heat while straightening and blow drying.


Isha Rajgopal

Feb 23 2019

Is there any safety precautions for Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau De Toilette Spray?
(Question for Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau De Toilette Spray )

Vandana Apte Feb 24 2019

Yes, some precautions are:

  • Keep it away from naked flame and direct heat sources.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep the perfume in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not apply to sensitive, broken or inflamed skin. If irritation develops, reduce the frequency or discontinue use.


Vyshnavi Murthy

Oct 28 2018

Is this gel supposed to be worn after face wash or before?
(Question for Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel )

Vandana Apte Oct 29 2018

It is supposed to be applied after face wash as it is not a mask but a moisturizing gel.


Vandana Apte

Nov 25 2018

Does this shampoo control hair fall?
(Question for Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo )

Swathi Samuel Nov 26 2018

Yes, this shampoo works on giving you long and healthy hair, which works hand-in-hand to control hair fall.


Swathi Samuel

Nov 06 2018

Does it promote hair growth?
(Question for Sunsilk Dream Soft And Smooth Shampoo )

Vandana Apte Nov 07 2018

Partially. This Sunsilk shampoo is specially formulated to nourish your hair for soft and smooth hair. In the process, it will reduce hair fall.


Rashmi Bhatia

Nov 20 2018

What is the ingredients of Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Creme Face Wash?
(Question for Lakme Blush & Glow Strawberry Creme Face Wash )

Vandana Apte Nov 21 2018

The ingredients are: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Glycerine, Lauryl Glucoside, Acrylates Copolymer, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Sodium Chloride, Perfume, Dimethicone Copolyol, Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Acid, Citric Acid, BHT, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Benzoate, Magnesium Nitrate, Vitamin E acetate, Benzophenone 3, Strawberry fruit extract, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Magnesium Chloride, Methylisothiazolinone, Acetic Acid, CI 77891, Cl 17200, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde, Limonene, Linalool.


Meera Sethi

Oct 22 2018

How to use O3+ Brightening & Whitening Face Wash?
(Question for O3+ Brightening & Whitening Face Wash )

Vandana Apte Oct 23 2018

First, wet your face with cold water. Then, take a pea-sized amount and gently form a lather by massaging your face in a circular motion. Since O3+ Brightening & Whitening Face Wash is gel-based, it won’t form so much lather, so it’ll be easy to wash off. After massaging for a minute, wash it off with cold water and pat dry. Use it twice daily. If the face wash comes in contact with the eye, immediately rinse it with cold water.


Vandana Apte

Oct 03 2018

What do I do if it irritates the skin?
(Question for Fem Fairness Naturals Saffron Creme Bleach )

Vyshnavi Murthy Oct 03 2018

If the bleach irritates or burns your skin, wash it off and apply some aloe vera gel to soothe the burn. Check with a physician to be on the safe side.


Vandana Apte

Oct 03 2018

What are the side effects?
(Question for Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream )

Harika Harikumar Oct 03 2018

Since Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream contains all-natural ingredients, it comes with no side effects. But to be on the safe side, those who have sensitive skin may use a small quantity first on the neck area and leave it on for a while to see if there is any allergic reaction. If you happen to get an itching sensation, wash it off with cold water immediately.




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