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effective for hair loss

Hello guys I hope you all are doing well today I'm. Going to share my review on RAY NATURALS RED ONION OIL Talking and reviewing about this product makes me happy because this product was really helpful and effective for me Well talking about the key ingredients of the product This hair oil is a blend of many powerful oils as red onion oil, coconut oil, shea butter seasame oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and red onion and sandalwood oil.... So we can say that this oil is packed with powerful ingredients.. Now talking about its specifications Ray naturals red onion oil smells like sandalwood and roses it is rich in sulphur and potassium and antioxidants which can treat excessive hair fall and accelerate new hair growth This oil also has some amazing potent oil and herbs which can treat your scalp and dandruff well.. Now coming towards the main highlights of using this oil NOURISHMENT As we all know that onions are really good for our hairs because it has follicle nourishment which help in restore lost nutrients to your scalp and making it happy DANDRUFF AND SCALP INFECTION Onions have potent anti bacterial properties which can help in fighting infections of the scalp which will automatically reduces hair fall because of infection scalp become weak and hair starts falling SHINE onions lends a healthy shine which can become permanent when used regularly Now talking about my experience I was suffering from serious hairfall when I received this oil and I was rid of trying chemical based products so I went for this oil at first it was a little bit of difficult for me because of the strong odor and heaviness but later I got habitual and the results also maked me happy my hairball did'nt stopped completely but I can see a effective results now



Packed with powerful ingredients

Makes hair strong

Fights scalp infection and dandruff


Strong odor

Might induce hair fall


Approved test



hey guys I hope you all are doing well today I'm going to share the review of wow Amazon rainforest collection acai srub Talking about the description and specification of the product This scrub comes from wow's Amazon rainforest range which is Absolutely cruelty free, 100% vegan and made in Himalayas Made with the extract of acai berry powder Argan oil and vitamin B5&E this scrub is mainly crafted for smooth skin and radiant complex This beautifuly crafted scrub effectively scrubs away deep-rooted impurities, dirt, and dead skin. The ingredients present in the scrub helps repair and prevent damage from free radicals and harmful sun rays. With regular use, the scrub will help boost skin’s hydration, lighten complexion, fade dark and age spots, and stimulate collagen. It also helps to get rid of toxins, dead cells, pollutants, and grime, leaving the pores unclogged, and the skin open to breathe Also it smell of acai berries are so good feels like straight coming from. The roots of Amazon rainforest .. My experience while using this product Well I'm having an extremely oily skin which is a must needed skin for scrubbing it worked impressively on my skin and after using it I felt a bit light and also it removed all the dirt sell and impurities from my face!


Lightens complexion


Dermatologically tested

100% vegan


Boosts collagen

Scrubs away impurities

Protects and repairs skin


Approved test



Hello guys today I'm going to share the review of REY NATURALS COLD PRESSED CASTOR OIL castor oil is a blend of many nutrients I'm one and so this oil beneficial for both hair and skin Talking about the description and specification of the product It is 100% pure high grade coldpressed castor oil which is chemical free, hexane free, additive free, and enriched with vitamin E There are uncountable benefits of using try naturals castor oil some of them are Soothes sunburns Softens and hydrates skin Fades scars and stretch marks Prevents hair loss Thickens hairs and eyelashes Helps in skin infection in many ways My experience while using this product I used this oil mixing with coconut oil on my hairs because of the thick gesture castor oil can't be used alone on the hair it should be mixed with coconut or some other oil and I also used it on my fingernails for making it Strong and sometimes on cracked skin because it makes it soft ,healed and moisturised apart from being thick and strong odor this oil is blessing


Suitable for all skin types

Promotes hair growth


Benefits both hair and skin

Relives dryness and cracked heels

Moisturizes and nourishes scalps

Softens and smoothens skin

Lightens stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles

Promotes nail growth

Make nails stronger


Strong smell

Very thick consistency


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