Harini Tirumala

Hyderabad , Indian

Beauty Profile

Skin Tone: Medium
Skin Type: Normal / Combination
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Wavy


Beautiful Moisturizer

Out of all the body lotions I have tried by The Body Shop, I would say this one suited me the best. It locks the moisture in till I take my next bath, which is a big yay. I have noticed that my skin remains well moisturized even after a day of application. This is a rare property and I have not seen it in any other moisturizer so far.The brand claims that this lotion has calming and soothing properties. A dry, parched skin is always sensitive and prone to itching. So when you moisturize it with this lotion your skin gets a really calming effect. This is how the Almond Milk and Honey lotion works by locking the moisture in severely dry areas.The ingredient list is also quite interesting and ensures deep levels of hydration. It doesn’t feel greasy at all and can be used in summers and winters both. I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from dry, itchy skin. This one is suitable for sensitive skin too.Winters are already here and this one will be my best friend.I would highly recommend it to anyone who has dry, itchy or sensitive skin. It will definitely soothe your skin and keep it moisturized.


Deeply moisturising.

Nice ingredient list.

Locks the moisture in for up to 48 hours.

Perfect for sensitive skin.

Calming and soothing effect.



Bit pricey

Minimal availability



Approved test


Magical serum

I wanted to incorporate a serum in my skin care routine for quite some time and this is the first serum in my skin care routine. This serum is light in texture and white in color, which changes its color to pink once it comes in contact with skin .It spreads very easily and gets absorbed into the skin quickly, and it smells very flowery. I have not used any serum before, but I have read that serum has finer particles than normal creams and so its gets absorbed into the skin quicker and deeper. I am able to feel it, compared to all the day and night creams I have used so far, this serum feels to have very fine particles which goes into the skin like magic. In the pack, they have also suggested a sculpting regime which I am following from the last two weeks.After 3 weeks of regular usage, my skin feels smoother than before and dark spots are reducing visibly. It claims to increase glow, fairness, hydration and elasticity of skin which I feel it is doing to a great extent. It also claims to reduce sebum, wrinkles, pore size and dullness, I saw reduction in sebum but no reduction of lines and pore size. On the whole, it works good to moisturize skin, and works well as makeup base for combination skin.


Makes skin smooth and matt.

Gets absorbed quickly.

Moisturizes skin, without making it oily.

Keeps skin oil free for sometimes.

Hygienic packaging, no product wastage.


Slow results.

No reduction of wrinkles.

No permanent improvement for pore size reduction.

Not effective on dark spots.


Approved test


An essential

I started using this product 15 days back!! It has worked like magic on my skin! The very first time I used it I saw a huge difference in my skin - it looked brighter and healthier. Over time, I started to think the product wasn't working because I didn't see it doing anything for my skin anymore, so when it ran out, I didn't buy it again. But that's when I started to notice all that it had been doing for my skin. My skin was looking duller and more tired after I stopped using this, and it reminded me what my skin looked like before I bought this stuff. So, I saved up and bought it again.I use about 4 drops at night and once in a while I'll use maybe 3 drops in the morning. It lasts such a long time and it really does work, you just get used to your skin looking the way it does and forget that it's working.As my skin has some dark spots which is a result of tanning this product does really helps me in getting rid of dark spots.My favorite thing about this product is lightweight absorbs smoothly. Overall a good product.


Not sticky

Nice smell


can be used under make up


over priced

reapplication needed


Reviewed on : Nov 29 2019
Approved test


Product ok but not satisfactory

The toner has a very typical cosmetic smell which I do not like at all. It is difficult to explain how sweet and synthetic the smell is. The good thing is the fragrance does not stay long; disappears after a while. The consistency is watery and little goes a long way. Due to the initial overpowering smell I never sprayed it as a mist on my face. I always use a cotton ball/pad for application. You would get an instant refreshing feel but for me the smell just steals away the pleasure of the pepped up feel. For me it seemed the price we are paying for 60ml is quite high and also it is not that effective in reducing pores. We have better products at lesser price available in the market. As it came in with tall claims, I was expecting a bit more from the product, nevertheless, it would serve the purpose of an everyday toner, nothing much to rave or regret.


Travel-friendly packaging

Non sticky

Does not form layer on skin

Alcohol free

Little goes long way


Contains parabens

Smell (some might like it)

Pricey for the quantity of the product



Very good and a try worth product

Neutrogena sunscreen product is a try worthy product with SPF50 with good hydrating power and hence there is no need for moisturizer.Since my skin is a combination skin , i generally sweat under humid conditions. This sunscreen is waterproof and sweat proof.Due to its creamy texture it easily gets sinked into the skin after application without having a greasy texture and does not leave a white patch/layer on the skin.Its not allergic as its dermatologically tested and can be used for all skin types.Overall my experience using this product is very satisfactory and is budget friendly.


Non greasy

Easily gets absorbed by skin

Hygeneic packaging

Water proof and resist rub off

Value for money

easily available

ideal to use by both men and women

Light weight

Pocket freindly


Not suitable for oily skin


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