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Skin Tone: Very fair
Skin Type: Normal / Combination
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Straight


Tea tree oil

Today post is about a very loveable essential oil "The body shop Tea tree oil" Using it since one month ago and gonna share my kind experience. Texture:liquid like water quite relaxing for skin  and give cooling and relaxing effect. Skin type:suitable for just oily skin Packaging:easy to use and glass type bottle Price is quite affordable. Smell is quite strong because it is pure❤. Travel friendly and handy product. Now gonna talk about some extra uses of this or any kind of essential oil which is quite helpful : 1:any one can use this essential oil 2-3 drops mix with pure coconut oil/pure aloevera gel and massage through hair and leave for a night.you will surely get soft and smooth hair.(get rid of dandruff also) 2:mix 3-5 drops in your daily lip balm/bottle of vaseline to get rid of blackish lips and will get soft lips. 3:(secret one) apply 1 drop of this oil daily in your belly button ...yes....and u will see the visible results in your digestion and face acne.😀 4:u can use 2-4 essential oil drops in your face pack to get more glow. 5:after using any peel off mask.apply 2 drops of oil directly on your face to block the open pores quickly. 6:You can even mix little amount of oil in your daily using face cream or lotion. 7:for acne problem directly apply on acne. 8:u can make a hair pack using 3 drops of essential oil with one egg and 2 tablespoon of honey to get shiny hair. 9:put 3-4 drops of oil in water for face steaming to get cooling and soothing effect. (All these uses have been used and tested by me) 10:after removing facial hair.Apply few drops of essential oil and gently massage to get rid of redish look of your skin.(may this allergic to some people beacuse of skin type) The point is clear "essentail oil"is not only just for skin ..it has mutiple uses. Essential oil is not for change skin tone(brown to lighter tone) but it gives u a clear skin and glowing effect to feel confident in your any skin type.Essential oil is just not to end with your day care routine it is to start with ❤. Well experience was very good.gonna try more products❤


100% vegan product

Anti-acne solution

Fast-absorbing serum

Soothing effect


Suits oily and combination skin

Sturdy leakage-proof bottle

Less is more

Clear watery consistency

Fresh tea tree aroma

Doesn’t harm skin

Reduces pores


No irritation


Not for dry skin

Ineffective on dark spots


Approved test


Anti dandruff shampoo

The body shop ginger shampoo Known as best for anti-dandruff shampoo. Smell:mild ginger Application:massage on wet hair. Easy to use Price:varies from country to country Experience: Almost empty with my bottle.smell and consistency was enough good to impress me. But not enough to satisfied me. My hair become more dry with it and even can't get rid of dandruff. A well known brand doesn't fulfil my needs Hair become more frizzy and rough even with use of conditioner. I think so I waste my money on it.😕 Even this shampoo is recommended by their (the body shop) shop worker. Hope to try a new one or never gonna buy any product from hair range of their shop. Although, other skin care range is quite impressive .


Natural product

Gel-based formula

Sturdy packaging



Dries up hair

No conditioner available in the same range of products


Approved test


Watermelon lip balm

Winter most needed thing   "Lip balm". There are huge range of lip balms in market which offers you soft and blemish free lips with low price. But I am talking about none other than "the body shop lip balm". Price:affordable Smell:different smells in lip balms they have...but I love to watermelon smell because this is new one to me and have sweety smell. Application:u can apply 2-3 times in a day Texture:shown in picture Experience: I am really fond of its smell because it brings back to me childhood candy memories 😀😀 When u apply on your lips it not only makes your lips softer but blackish free. It help to remove climate changes on your lips like pollution affected darkness. For dry lips it is best in price range to get best result. One balm can go along with u whole one month. It is travel friendly product because of its packaging. This balm can be used by women or men also because it is natural product. Hope to share all body shop products experience with u. And try to use all remaining products ❤❤ Thanks to @thebodyshop for giving me this beautiful range of product. And having eager to avail all current offers.📝📝


Balmy texture

Hydrates skin

Lightens scars

Paraben free

Nourishes skin

Travel friendly

100% natural ingredients


Tub packaging



Approved test


Indian jasmine mist

Price :995inr Quantity:100ml Cruelty free product Smell is light and stay for 2-3 hours. It is a best option for those who do not like strong smell of alcohol perfume. My recommendation to give a try to this Product is may expensive but your one bottle go with you 2-3 months. I tried other products of the body shop I will also share the other products review on style craze.



Balanced fragrance

Decent staying power

Calm and relaxing smell

Use for child also

Men can also use this



Breakable glass bottle

Tight cap


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