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Maharashtra , Amravati

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Skin Tone: Very fair
Skin Type: Combination
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Normal
Reviewed on : May 07 2020
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Good lip balm for chapped, dry lips

Cons: 1. A very nice Ayurvedic Formula without harsh chemicals 2. Suitable for most of the skin problems like dry, chapped lips, burns, cuts, sun-burns, irritation etc. 3. If you apply lipstick regularly then Boroline lip balm will help you moisturize the lips and protects natural pink color of the lips. Cons: Though it moisturizes lips to a great extent, it can't be directly wore outside as it takes some time to absorb. It leaves whitish color on your lips. But can be applied at night.


Ayurvedic formula

Quick results

Ideal for dry, cracked, and chapped lips

Unisex product

Multi-purpose cream

Protects natural pink color of lips

good product for all lipstick lovers

No added colors


Thick creamy consistency

Cant go out with this lip balm as it is not easily absorbed


Approved test


Calming and refreshing toner

This is yet another refreshing toner from the Series of Love nature by Oriflame. Love Nature products are promising products by Oriflame for nature lovers as they are the extracts of nature. Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and Rose are the three flavours that Oriflame has brought to us. Toning is an important step in your daily skin ritual. I have used this product for more than 6 months and got good results. Packaging: Comes in 150 ml cylindrical bottle which is travel-friendly and easy to use. Few girls may find spray bottle easier to use than this cap bottle. But I find this packaging by Oriflame convenient as spray bottles are consumed very fast. Application: Take a little quantity on your palm; dab it into your skin just after washing your face with Love nature Aloe Vera cleanser. Leave it for while, once toner is completely dried (it takes merely a minute) then apply moisturiser from same series for better result. Although it takes at least 15 days to show result, the complete set of three products (CTM) will give you the most sought after glow. Pros: 1. Contains Aloe Vera and helps balance skin’s pH and moisture level. 2. very well suited for all skin types 3. It helps to minimize visible pores 4. Gives a healthy glow after repeated use. 5. No breakouts, non-greasy and non-sticky feeling 6. Nice packaging, easy to carry 7. Requires very less quantity 8. Economical... Worth for money 9. Men can use it as after-shave lotion. It leaves skin refreshed. Cons: It’s not available in the market directly for selling. So, you may find it difficult to locate Oriflame consultant. The Verdict: This is very calming and refreshing toner. I have acne prone skin and found it rejuvenating my skin. It’s not at all harsh so, very good toner for those looking for natural products. Requires very less quantity so, it’s economical too. If cons discussed above is not your problem then must try product for every skin type and all ages.



Pleasant fragrance

absorbed easily



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