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Aparna Nair

May 22 2020

Does it contain mineral oil?
(Question for Innisfree Bija Cica Balm )

varshini May 23 2020

No, Innisfree Bija Cica Balm is free from mineral oil.



May 18 2020

What is the quantity of 3INA The Longwear Lipstick?
(Question for 3INA The Longwear Lipstick )

mahi May 18 2020

The quantity of this lipstick is 7 ml.



Apr 17 2020

How long should I use Cipla Vitamin C Serum?
(Question for Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum )

chanu Apr 18 2020

Use Cipla Vitamin C Serum depending on the severity of your skin problems. Consult a dermatologist if you are unsure.



Jun 27 2019

Can we use Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation daily?
(Question for Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation )

varshini Jun 28 2019

Yes, Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation is ideal for daily use.



Sep 18 2019

How can I use Vicco Turmeric Cream with foam base?
(Question for Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream )

varshini Sep 28 2019

Wet your face. Take the adequate amount of Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base onto wet palms and work a lather. Massage the lather on wet face and rinse well.



Aug 01 2019

What are the side-effects of VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash?
(Question for VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash )

Venkata Madhuri Aug 15 2019

Usually, VWash Plus doesn't cause any side-effects. However, in rare cases, it may cause itching or burning sensation down there. It might also cause dryness, rashes, redness, irritation, or swelling on the vaginal skin. Avoid using on facing such side-effects.


ramvati Ratti

Aug 01 2019

Does SkinKraft cause pimples?
(Question for SkinKraft – Customized Skin Care Regimen )

varshini Aug 29 2019

SkinKraft products are made with highly beneficial ingredients and are customized based on the needs of your skin. It is free from toxins. None of these products should cause an outbreak of pimples. However, if you do experience any pimple-like skin issues, you can report to our team, and we can adjust your formula so that it suits you better.



May 06 2020

What is the quantity of OZNaturals Vitamin C Serum?
(Question for OZNaturals Vitamin C Serum )

varshini May 06 2020

The quantity of this serum is 30 ml.



May 06 2020

What is the shelf life of Nad’s Facial Wax Strips?
(Question for Nad’s Facial Wax Strips )

varshini May 06 2020

The shelf life of this product is 24 months.



May 04 2020

What is the quantity of Essie Bahama Mama?
(Question for Essie Bahama Mama )

varshini May 04 2020

The quantity of this nail polish is 13.5 ml.



Apr 16 2020

Can we use it on children?
(Question for Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ )

usha Apr 16 2020

Yes, it can used by children.



Dec 14 2019

How is the texture of the shades from NYX Professional Makeup Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette?
(Question for NYX Professional Makeup Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette )

varshini Dec 15 2019

The texture of these shades are very soft, and velvety. It is finely milled and it gets easily blended on the skin.



Dec 08 2019

What is the quantity of this product?
(Question for Lotus Herbals Teatreewash )

sharanya Dec 09 2019

Lotus Herbals Teatreewash is available in two size variants: 80g and 120g.



Dec 14 2019

What is the staying power of this product?
(Question for MAC Liptensity Lipstick )

varshini Dec 15 2019

MAC Liptensity Lipstick stays put for 8 hours long on the lips.



Dec 28 2019

What is the quantity of this product?
(Question for LA Girl Hd Pro Face Pressed Powder )

varshini Dec 29 2019

LA Girl Hd Pro Face Pressed Powder weighs 7gms.



Nov 07 2019

What is the wear time of this perfume?
(Question for Decadence Marc Jacobs Perfume )

varshini Nov 08 2019

Decadence Marc Jacobs Perfume lasts for 10-11 hours.



Dec 14 2019

What are the size variants of this product?
(Question for MAC Cleanse Off Oil )

chayanika Dec 15 2019

MAC Cleanse Off Oil is available in three different sizes: 6ml, 30ml, and 150ml.



Sep 21 2019

Can we use sunscreen with this?
(Question for Bioderma Sebium Global )

varshini Sep 22 2019

Yes, a sunscreen can be applied after Bioderma Sebium Global. It is also an excellent makeup base.




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