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Reviewed on : Jan 23 2020
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Best in the Category

I had been using its "For Normal Skin" variant initially as it was given to my elder sister by dermatologist and instantly liked it for it cleansing abilities. I have quite an oily skin so I switched to another face wash as I needed more effective Oil removing agent. But started using this specific variant as soon as I found it on an online shopping site. This cleanser makes you experience what "Squeaky Clean" actually means. It won't lather up as it is soap free. massage it on you face like a lotion by adding very little water on your palms and let this cleanser work its magic. Though for Oily Skin it does not strips necessary moisture from your face and leaves it clean yet supple after wash.



Makes skin fesh and healthy.

Does not dry up the skin


Reviewed on : Jan 23 2020
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Worth the price

At first, I found the price for this lip balm is quite high but I bought this as I was getting a pretty good discount during Arata Special Sale. But now that I use it, I have changed my opinion and I find it absolutely worth its price. As the name suggests it is free from harmful chemicals, and I personally feel it is very important to use a natural and chemical-free product especially on your lips and eyes. Even the Body Shop Lip Balm comes is same price range however it does contain some of the harmful chemicals. I do not find the Tub Packaging as a con, as I can control the amount of product I need to apply in comparison to tube or stick packaging. Also, If you like your lip balms to be fragrant then this is not the product for you. But being chemical-free, effective, caring and nourishing are more important qualities than being fragrant. I started using this in October 2019 and I am just halfway done with the tub, so it even lasts long and hence worth the money you are paying.


Dermatologically approved


100% natural ingredients




No heavy metals

No triclosan


No Fragrance


Reviewed on : Jan 22 2020
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Provides Even Tone

I have used Bio Oil mainly as a facial oil and had been using it for 3 to 4 months. I did observe the difference in my skin tone after couple of weeks. It is not a spot treatment oil and hence you cannot expect the effect overnight. I used to apply it at night after cleansing my face thoroughly. I have severely oily skin but I love the way how Bio Oil gets absorbed in my skin overnight and leaves my skin plump and supple in the morning. I had acne marks on my jawline and they have faded visibly after Bio Oil. Its my go to product in winters, if I am having dry patches on my face due to excessive cold climate when creams and lotions doesn't seem to work.


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Boost of Hydration

WOW Skin Science products are always been my favorites. This light weight lotion provides hydration and suitable for summers. Smells great and bonus is it's Silicone and Paraben free hence does not leave a residue on ur skin. It does not have any SPF in it and hence does not offer any sun protection and that's not even claimed on the packaging. The pump dispenser is provided with a lock which makes it travel friendly as well. Additionally they also provide a small plastic cover which you can fit on the beak/ dispenser pump and it prevents the lotion from spilling out. However as it is a light lotion, you cannot expect to give whole day moisturization in heavy winters


Natural ingredients.

Free from parabens, silicones, and mineral oil.

Suitable for all skin types.


Soothing on skin.

Hydrates skin.


Srija Biswas

Jun 14 2019

What is the composition of Dabur Amla Hair Oil?
(Question for What is the composition of Dabur Amla Hair Oil? )

vinitaadhikari Jun 15 2019

Dabur Amla Hair Oil contains light liquid paraffin oil, amla extract. It also has perfume, BHT, and permitted vegetable oils, which are safe to use on hair and skin.




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