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Avarta Under Eye Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Under eye cream


Avarta under eye cream  comes in a small tube form which is very convenient and hygienic to use. I was suffering from dark circles due to lack of sleep from quite some time now. along with a good sleep and nutritious balance diet my Dermatologist suggested me Avarta under eye cream. this cream is pretty expensive and the quantity provided for the price is very less. I apply this cream under my eyes once a day and that you barely lasted me for two weeks. the cream is very hydrating and it instantly makes your under area smooth and soft. I even had a problem of puffy eyes when I get up in the morning. but after using this cream regularly for a week my problem of puffy eyes completely vanished. I continued using this cream for more than a month but sadly I did not see much difference in my dark circles.

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2 years ago

Expensive but worth buying



Effective ingredients

Under-eye dark circle is a very comment problem these days. It causes due to lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle and stress. The renewed pharma company has come up with its new Avarta Under eye cream. It effectively removes the darkness under the eye area. This under eye cream comes in a sleek tube with screw open cap. It has a lightweight texture and thin consistency. For that, it penetrates deep into the skin and provides required hydration. It effectively reduces the under eye dark circles and spots. It makes the eye area soft and tightens the skin. This cream helps lighten the under-eye area and iron away fine lines and wrinkles. The cream restores skin elasticity and refine the skin’s natural texture. It also provides a cooling sensation on the skin thus soothes the senses. This under eye cream also works amazingly on under-eye puffiness and cow feet around the eyes. The only thing is that it is a bit expensive.

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2 years ago

Effectively Treats Dark Circles !!



Effective ingredients

Purchased this Avarta Under Eye cream to treat my huge dark circles and eye puffiness with lot of expectation over the brand Dr. Reddy's . It comes in a tube form ,which is very convenient to use , hygienic and travel friendly too . The light weight formula ,helps to easily get absorbed into the skin and gives an instant fresh look to the delicate under eye area . Since they have a quick absorption formula it can be used as a under eye base cream too . I was using the cream twice daily in the morning as well as in the night to get the effective result . Initially I was able to get rid of eye puffiness and few fine lines and after a regular use of about a month it helped me in a great way to get rid of my dark circles and made the under eye area look so fresh and young . A very affordable and much needed under eye cream for treating under eyes issues like dark circles , eye puffiness , fine lines and wrinkles which gives a very effective result when used regularly !!

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2 years ago

Amazing Cream


One of my friend he is suffering from dark circle in his eyes I have suggested him to take Dr Reddy's avarta under eye cream after using Avatar under eye cream it reduces the circle and lightest skin tone in eye area Dr Reddy's Avatar are under eye cream uses the anti-aging formula and that really e reduces the dark circle helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles also Few Years back it was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. This cream is not an eraser but mostly it’s a preventive item ,it helps prevent fine lines and further darkening of the skin. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist a year ago. It is easily available in most medical stores but I found using this was expensive and even exceeded my monthly budget I maintain for beauty products.must try and recommend others to use this product for all

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2 years ago

Effective under eye cream


Reduces dark circles

Lightens skin tone

My sister used to work in night shift and it cost her a lot of stress and anxiety due to this. She had a lot of dark circles and puffy eyes around and under eyes. As Suggested by a doctor she used to give several breaks in between while working and also had started keeping cucumber and cotton balls soaked in In rose water on her eyes to reduce the puffiness Below her eyes and to remove dark circles. She wanted to find an instant remedy to get rid of those dark circles as they were making her look very dull, tired and zombie. She then visited a dermatologist Who suggested her to use avarta under eye cream. This under eye cream has been launched by Dr Reddy's which is the leading pharmaceutical company. This under eye cream helps in eliminating the dark circles around the eyes  And also diminishes the fine lines and crowfeet around the eyes. It also acts as an anti aging cream that makes a area around the eyes youthful.

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Under eye dark circles is the most common problem these days due to lack of sleep, improper diet and stress. Dr.Reddy’s is a leading pharma company that has launched this under eye cream with an anti-aging formula that effectively reduces the under eye dark circles and lightens the skin tone in eye area. This cream refines the skin texture and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles. It can also reduce puffiness and crowfeet around the eyes.

How To Use Avarta Under Eye Cream ?

  • Apply an ample amount of cream in the under eye area.
  • Gently massage using finger tips till it gets absorbed into the skin.

Avarta Under Eye Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Helps to lighten and even out the skin tone around the eye area.
  • Reduces the dark circles, pigmentation, and puffiness of eyes.
  • Inhibits the signs of ageing.
  • Reduces finelines, wrinkles, and crow feet.


Avarta Under Eye Cream Ingredients