Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel Reviews

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Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel creates a definition of the hair and is ideal for fine to medium hair. It is infused with morikue protein, which helps in conditioning, fortifying the hair, and makes the hair smooth and soft. This lightweight formula intensifies curls, tames frizz, and boosts the shine of the hair while adding hold. It balances the moisture of the hair and forms a thin protective barrier around the hair that helps in styling the hair without any damage. It is infused with a fruity and floral aroma that refreshes the scalp and hair.

How To Use Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel ?

  • Take a little amount of gel on the fingers and rub it between your hands to ensure even distribution.
  • On damp hair, apply the gel evenly from scalp to ends.
  • Allow it to dry and style your hair as per your desire.
  • Apply it on shampooed hair.

Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel Benefits And Uses :

  • Defines hair instantly.
  • Conditions, fortify hair and makes hair smooth and soft.
  • Boosts the shine of your hair while adding a hold.
  • Intensifies curls and tames frizz.
  • Protects hair from damages while helping in styling the hair.
  • Offers a pleasant aroma that refreshes the scalp and hair.