Aveda Lip Saver Reviews

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Aveda Lip Saver delivers a long-lasting moisture relief to the dry lips. It is enriched with naturally derived waxes, which help in moisturizing the lips and offer a soft and smooth look to the lips. It is formulated with Jojoba extracts and seed oils, which help in nourishing the dry and chapped lips instantly. Aveda Lip Saver glides smoothly on the lips and contains antioxidants that help in protecting the lips from environmental pollutants. It is infused with cinnamon leaf, clove and anise oils, which helps in refreshing the lips and provides a natural glow to the lips.

How To Use Aveda Lip Saver ?

  • Swipe the lipbalm on clean, dry lips.

Aveda Lip Saver Benefits And Uses :

  • Moisturizes the lips and offers a smooth finish to the lips.
  • Nourishes the dry and chapped lips.
  • Provides a natural and healthy glow to the lips.
  • Protects the lips from environmental pollutants.
  • Refreshes the lips.