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Ayur Herbals Cold Wax Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.1

5 Reviews


2 years ago



Removes hair well

Skin smooth

Natural ingredients

I usually do waxing at parlor for the perfect clean arms and legs. But just in case for emergency I has hot wax at home. This was the first time I bought a cold was and just wanted to see how it fares. Ayur Herbals Cold Wax is prepared with natural ingredients like lemon, sugar and vinegar. These ingredients are also very good whitening agents. The first great relief is there is no heating required and also there is no fear of burns. You can directly use them. I must say that this is much thick than hot wax and it is little difficult to remove from the can. Also, it does not spread evenly like in hot wax. It removes unwanted hair nicely and leaves a smooth skin behind. It is effective in all other manners. But I guess I will be again going back to hot wax only. This is little difficult to use other than that it is good.

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2 years ago

Ayur herbal wax is made up of natural ingredients and is safe to use.


time saving

I have tried Ayur Herbals Cold Wax 2 times. It does not burn the skin and gives removes hair easily at home. I have thick hair on my legs and I need to visit salon frequently. But these I am quite occupied and can’t afford to visit salon then I started using this cold strips. It is enriched with lemon, sugar, and vinegar. Lemon and vinegar helps in removing mild pigmentation and it is a good exfoliator. It is easy to use and the process is not cumbersome. But the issue is the wax does not get applied evenly on the skin. It leaves fine hair and does not remove it completely. Sometimes it gives rashes also. The product comes in a bulky container and last long. But it is not travel friendly. I feel this is product is okay and does not give a proper finish like salon waxing.

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2 years ago

Does help remove the hair


I did try waxing at home since i didn't get time to book an appointment at the usual parlour and also had a wedding to attend. When i had been to the supervision saw this ayur cold wax and purchased it with the intent of waxing at home itself. The packaging is simple comes in a jar with a screw cap.the Ayur Cold Wax is made up of lemon, vinegar and sugar and it is dark brown in colour. You can also carry this around while travelling too.i normally the area which needs to be waxed and then let the skin dry .after that i apply the wax on the skin, well this need not be hot and wait for a little time and apply a cotton cloth strip over it and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair. you need to moisturize your soon soon after that.One thing I noticed is that it takes time to spread on the skin as it is little bit sticky. It does help removing the hair but the tiny ones are still left. This product is okay but would prefer hot wax anytime

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2 years ago

Easy to use


I like to use cold wax on my skin which I usually do it by self at home. I have been using ayur cold wax which contains lemon and vinegar. It is very much user friendly. This wax effectively removes unwanted hair without much pain and heat. When I wax my limbs, I could see that it also removes the stubborn sun tan. It removes the dirt, impurities and pollutants from the skin. It makes my skin soft and smooth to touch. The wax is amazing and spreads evenly and effortlessly on my skin. I pull out the unwanted hair with strips which may not cause much pain and is hygienic. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. However, I use a mild moisturizer to keep my skin supple. The packaging comes in a white sturdy tin which is easy to use and store. It has a mild fragrance which does not last for long on the skin. It is affordable and easily available. I recommend giving a try.

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2 years ago

Waste of Money


I find it extremely difficult to visit the beauty parlour for my waxing regime. Hence I decided to pick up Wax for myself and I accidentally picked up cold wax. I purchased the Ayur herbal cold wax which comes packaged in a tin. It comprises of all herbal and mild ingredients and hence I was sure that it would be mild and safe for my skin. Since it is a cold wax it needs to be applied directly and hence I applied it all over my hands and legs using a butter knife and then with the help of a waxing strip I pulled off the hair from my skin. I found the entire process very messy and cumbersome. The wax was not effective in pulling out all the coarse and small hair from my body and hence I was disappointed. I had to re apply the wax multiple times to remove all the small and stubborn hair and this became a very painful process for me. It was a task for me to wash off the wax from my hands and legs and I would surely not recommend this product.

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Ayur Herbals Cold Wax enables you to remove unwanted body hair from the comforts of your home. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use skin wax. It is made up of natural ingredients like lemon, sugar, and vinegar. It is sticky dark brown in color. Ayur Herbals Cold Wax also exfoliates skin, there by removing the dead skin, leaving you with soft and smooth skin.

How To Use Ayur Herbals Cold Wax ?

  • Wash your skin with water and pat it dry.
  • Apply the cold wax with a blunt knife or a spatula in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Apply waxing strip to the wax and press firmly.
  • Pull the strip out with a jerk in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Wash with water to remove any residue of wax.

Ayur Herbals Cold Wax Benefits And Uses :

  • Removes unwanted hair.
  • Exfoliates skin.
  • Slows down hair regrowth.
  • Prevents pimple, dark spots, and tan.

Ayur Herbals Cold Wax Side Effects :

  • Sensitive skin may experience rash.


Ayur Herbals Cold Wax Ingredients

Demineralized water