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Ayur Herbals Hot Wax Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Nice product for beginner



Quick results

Who doesn't love hair free smooth skin but waxing is really a hassle and a task when you have kids. Ayur hot wax provides you the freedom to do waxing at the comfort your own home. It comes in a tub packaging. You need to take out required amount of the wax in a container and heat it till the wax melts down. Then you need to apply a thin layer of this wax onto the skin and cover it with a cotton waxing strip. Then you need pull the strip off to get rid of your body hair. This hot wax is easy to use and beginner friendly. It contains honey as well which provides deep nourishment to the skin. It works really well in removing the unwanted body hair. It sometimes cause redness and irritation, so you need to apply cool aloe vera gel on the affected area. Overall it is a easy use and affordable wax.

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2 years ago

best hot wax



Quick results

polishes skin

The best way to remove unwanted hair from the skin is waxing and nothing can beat it. I even tried using creams for hair removal but those did not give me desaired results and made my skin red. I use Ayur Hot Wax as it effectively removes the hair without leaving them on the skin. It even removes the dirt and impurities from the skin and gives a polished appearance. But the process of waxing is little painful it might give redness to some people but it reduces within a day or two. Ayur hot wax gets easily applied over the skin and forms a thin layer and easy to remove also. It removes the fine hair too. The wax melts easily and no need of repeated heating. It is travel friendly and you can use it any time and the process is very easy. It is affordable and easily available.

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2 years ago

Good for in grown hair



Quick results

It's a tedious job to go to sell on every 15 days of one month to do your web setting hence I have opted for shaving rather than waxing for my hands and legs. but still I feel waxing is more effective as it takes out even the ingrown hair and the effect is long lasting and you do not have to worry about the hair popping out every second third day. So I still use razor for hands and legs but for my underarms I prefer waxing but again after having a baby becomes difficult to visit the salon hence I got this Ayur Herbals Hot Wax. It even has lemon and vinegar which makes the process little less painful. So I prefer using this hot Wax for my underarms and it does the job well and the results are very quick. It is little painful but it's worth it.

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2 years ago

Works Good


Easy to use

Melts Easily

Removes hair

Spreads thin layer

Ayur Herbals Hot Wax is prepared from lemon, vinegar and liquid glucocse. I prefer Ayur products mainly because of the herbal ingredients and safe formula. I normally don't do waxing at home. But still prefer to keep them at home for emergency purpose. This wax melts easily and spreads evenly on the skin during application. It forms a nice thin layer without any gap. It also removes unwanted hair without any problem. I had slight redness and allergy at first after pulling it off. But it faded away after few hours. It also removed fine hairs smoothly without any trouble. Waxing however, still is painful and it is inevitable process. Otherwise, this is a good product - efficiently does its job. All the first timers really need to be very careful while using this. Better use it under some supervision.

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2 years ago

Ayur herbal wax



Quick results

Ayur herbals hot wax is an herbal wax which comes with herbal agents like lemon, vinegar, liquid glucose, sucrose and essential supplements. This ayur wax melts easily and houses another I'm the skin surface and gives a wider coverage covering almost all the baby hair and thick hair . It evenly removes all the hair leaving no hair residues behind . It can be used conveniently on any occasions and in no time you get rid from the unwanted hair and can be used on any body parts it is hundred percent safe and reliable product . It leave no mess behind and feels non greasy and non sticky. It is an herbal wax which can be used by any skin type and also is extremely stable for the sensitive skin type too. It is safe product and can be used even when you just have tiny hair growth. It comes in an affordable price range too

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Ayur Hot Wax can be used to remove unwanted hair from your body while waxing. It can be used at home by non-professionals and novice users also. However, first timers are adviced to use it under supervision. The hot wax can cause temporary redness but the end result will be some, hair-fee, clear skin. If you have sensitive skin, exercise extra caution while using it.

How To Use Ayur Herbals Hot Wax ?

  • Warm up the wax.
  • Apply the wax on the skin with a spatula.
  • Press wax strips on them immediately.
  • Pull it out with a jerk in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  • Continue doing the same until you have removed all your bodily hair.
  • Repeat the process when you hair grows back no sooner than 2 weeks.

Ayur Herbals Hot Wax Benefits And Uses :

  • Can be used conveniently
  • No mess
  • No threading
  • Melts easily
  • Spreads evenly

Ayur Herbals Hot Wax Side Effects :

  • Temporary bumps
  • Temporary Sun sensitivity
  • Can burn your skin

Ayur Herbals Hot Wax Ingredients