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Anti dandruff


Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair Cleanser


Hair Conditioning


Hair growth


Hair strengthening


Natural colouring

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Ingredients Safety Breakdown
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EWG Rating

Safety rating based on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database.

High risk 13%

Moderate risk 13%

Low risk 75%

Additional details

Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Paraffin Free

Allergen Free

Note: Our analysis counts for the known ingredients out of total ingredients , Some ingredients remain undisclosed from the brands and some we might not have enough information

Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.2

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Best Herbal Color


Easy on the pocket

Application is easy

Covers grey hair

Good product , herbal hair color , easy to apply , covers 50% of grey hair . Give a shine too. Pocket friendly too. I was looking for herbal hair color and finally i got it. I would recommend to my family and friends . I use it now as it is easy to apply.

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2 years ago

Natural Hair Colour!


Easy on the pocket

Application is easy

Makes hair look natural

Covers grey hair

Reduces hair fall and dandruff

Stops further greying of hair

Bakson's sunny herbal hair colour is made up of all natural ingredients which makes it so safe to use. It comprises of henna, arnica, jaborandi, shikakai, and amla brahm. My sister in law has been using it for 2 years now. She tells me that this hair colour unlike other hair colours protects hair and further stops greying of hair. The natural ingreduents give good nourishment to the hair. Must bywithout any second thought !

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2 years ago

Good hair colour in herbal range and offers great coverage for grey hair. it is chemical free.



multiple shades

Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color is a completely natural product that has a great blend of ingredients. It gives a great shade to your hair and makes it shiny and silky from the first use. I normally prefer using natural color for my hair as they are chemical-free and do not ammonia in it as my skin is very sensitive for chemicals. This is the best in the natural product range has all the benefits of Amla, Brahmi, henna, and shekakai. They offer great shade to your and makes your hair healthy and nourished. It penetrates into each strand of the hair and gives great strength and covers all grey completely. But the only concern is the process needs a lot of patience and takes a good time. It is available in different shades to choose from. I am very happy with the product as it is very cheap and gives very good results every time I use it. The product is available all the time and had never faced any issue ion it. The color lasts long for at least 3 months for me. It is safe for use does not cause any skin rashes. If you are looking for a hair color in the herbal range you can definitely go for it.

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2 years ago

Not long lasting effects


Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color contains the goodness of herbs that nourishes your hair while coloring it. It is available in many shades and you could choose the one that suits your hair. The product comes in a sachet type packaging. You will need to cover the mouth of the sachet after using it with a rubber band or store it in an airtight container. The price is affordable but this hair color is not available easily in stores like other brands. And many others don't have an idea about it. The application process is simple. Just mix the required quantity of the powder with lukewarm water in a small bowl. Make a smooth paste. Not section your hair into small parts. Apply the hair color over your hair using an applicator brush. Cover all the hairs from root to tip. You could also wrap your hair in a bun covered by a shower cap. This avoids the dripping of hair color on the floor. Allow it to rest for about 30 minutes and rinse it off with water. The hair gets colored well but this color is not long-lasting. The hair color fades away within a month. And also the product is not completely herbal as it contains sulfates in it.

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2 years ago

Affordable hair color


Easy on the pocket

Application is easy

Makes hair look natural

Covers grey hair

Reduces hair fall and dandruff

My aunt was looking to buy a hair colour for her hair. She wanted to buy a herbal hair color which would not irritate her sensitive skin and does not leave any stain marks on her skin. She was introduced to this Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color at a store while buying for a hair dye. This hair color is enriched with ingredients such as henna, arnica, jaborandi, shikakai, and amla brahmi. It makes the hair smooth and and shiny. There were a lot of shades to choose from and she choose to buy dark brown shade which suited her natural hair color. This color is ammonia free and does not irritate the scalp and skin. It is very safe for all hair types and does not dry the hair out. It is easy to mix and simple to apply. It gives a full coverage from grey hair within 20 minutes of its application. It gives a silky shiny hair and does not cause hair fall like other hair colours. she was really happy with this purchase and uses it often as this colour stays just for a month and not more than that. 

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Bakson's Sunny Herbals Dark Brown Hair Colour is a unique blend of natural herbs such as henna, arnica, jaborandi, shikakai, and amla brahmi. It provides long-lasting protection and makes the hair smooth and silky. All the ingredients help in making the hair shiny and preventing premature greying, dandruff, and lice. It is available in various shades.

How To Use Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color ?

  • Before applying the hair color, you need to ensure that your hair is not too oily.
  • Mix the ingredients of the sachet in lukewarm water and make a fine paste.
  • Using a comb, partition the hair.
  • Apply the product right from the roots to the tip.
  • Comb the hair properly to ensure the product is spread evenly.
  • Wash it off with water after 30 minutes.

Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color Benefits And Uses :

  • It is a mix of herbs which helps treat grey hair, and reduce hair fall and dandruff.
  • It is available in sachet form and is not very expensive.
  • It is available in different shades and is easy to mix the product and apply.
  • It stays for 3 to 4 weeks and looks natural.
  • It also does not leave stain marks on forehead or scalp.

Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color Shades (Colors) :

  • Dark brown
  • Light brown
  • Black
  • Burgundy

Bakson’s Sunny Herbal Hair Color Ingredients

Barium Peroxide
Pilocarpus powder