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Banjaras Natural Henna For Hair Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.7

6 Reviews


1 year ago

Chemical based product with artificial colorant and fragrance


1. Color of the powder is rusty brown (not bottle green like natural henna powder should be). 2. Smells like ayurvedic shampoo/soap (Easily distinguishable if you know how raw mehendi leaves smell like). 3. Color coats the hair in hues of metallic brown to chocolate. (Pure Henna colours in hues of tan or dark brown). 4. Color shedding off/washing out of your hair like brown paint from a paintbrush. You don't need to apply shampoo to see the brown foam, a shower next day will get brown water flowing out of your hair (Henna doesn't wash out like paint). 5. SEVERE HAIR LOSS IS GUARANTEED. 6. Suffered ITCHY SCALP AND FOREHEAD ACNE. I've tried and retried the product thinking that I must have been mistaken in my own head. I've tried buying 3 different packs from different batches and manufacturing dates from different shops, just to be double sure that a brand like Banjara can market such a worse, chemical based, downgraded product. To my surprise, my observation was correct each time. The product is packed with chemicals and artificial colouring agents that does more harm than good to the hair. As soon as I changed the brand, my hairfall issue got resolved immediately and forehead acne disappeared on its own. P. S. I have good genetics and blessed with thick, natural dark brown shoulder length hair and been a henna user for the last 6 years on a weekly basis. I've tried many brands over the years and Banjara Henna is the worst of all henna powders that I've ever used.

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2 years ago



Provides shiny and strong hair

Safe to use

Reduces frizziness and dryness of the hair

Provides a gorgeous brown tinge to the hair

Banjara’s Natural Henna is the natural way of colouring and nourishing hair. Henna has been an age old tradition to nourish one’s hair. Banjara as a brand has come a long way. I like how they believe in making all natural products with natural ingredients. Banjara Henna has the best of natural ingredients which helps in nourishing ones hair. I wanted to try it and hence bought this the Banjaras Natural Henna. The application process is pretty easy. Mix the powder with some water and make a paste. You can also mix tea or tye best would be coffee mixture, the filter one for best results. I generally add the coffee filter for extra soft and a rich colour. Henna has always been an age old tradition to solve a lot of problems. This being one of the easiest and most nourishing ingredients, is the most convenient and natural way to colour your hair and also nourish it for a better hair growth. I will definitely recommend the natural Banjara henna to all of them. Use it and you will know what I am talking about. The best buy it is. You will hardly get products like this in this cost!

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2 years ago

For Conditioned Hair


No harmful chemicals


No artificial dyes

I have been using natural henna from quite some time to soften and smoothen my rough, dry and dull hair. Prior to this, I was using a home made henna which is mixed with other natural ingredients like amla, bhringaraj powder. My aunt has recommended me using banjaras natural henna which contains all natural ingredients. This is enriched with goodness of herbs that are beneficial for hair care. This henna is safe to use. It helps to condition my hair and provides nourishment to it. It has controlled my unruly and frizzy hair. My hair texture has improved after every use. It has become silky soft and smooth to touch. Few gray hairs have been coloured. The henna has added volume and lustre to my hair. It appeared bouncy and voluminous than before. My hair has become healthy and strong. It also promotes hair regrowth. I mix the henna powder in an iron bowl and make a thick paste using curd and lemon. This can help in getting rid of dandruff and any other scalp infections. It cleanses the scalp effectively and reduces itchy scalp. This has made my hair manageable and shiny.

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2 years ago

Shiny frizz free hair


Shiny and smooth hair.

Controls hair frizz.

Conditions the hair.

Makes hair manageable.

I usually do not apply henna on my hair as I do not like its colour. During the monsoons, my hair became really frizzy and unmanageable. I tried Banjaras Natural Henna to condition my hair. It is a pure henna powder without any chemicals in it. The application is pretty simple. One needs to mix the powder in water to form a smooth paste. Once the paste is ready, I usually allow it to sit for a while. I apply it layer by layer on my hair. I kept Banjaras Natural Henna for about half an hour since I just wanted to condition my hair. It made my hair shiny and smooth. The frizz was also very less. It made detangling a lot easier. My friend used this henna to colour her hair. She kept it for about an hour but it did not bring any good colour to her hair. She was not satisfied with the colouring aspect of it. It is good as a hair mask but certainly not good for colour.

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2 years ago

Natural henna without chemicals


Provides shiny and strong hair

Natural conditioner

Chemical free

Natural colouring

Henna is in our list of hair care ingredients from time immemorial. From our great great grand mothers to our daughters henna is used for hair colouring, hair growth and hair conditioning. The form is changed from paste to powder, but it is there in all household. I tried so many henna powders, and now trying Banjara’s Natural Henna. It is made from natural henna leaves. No preservatives, chemicals and colours are added in it. I used this henna for colouring my hair as well as conditioning it. Even I tried this henna on my hands and feet during our festivals. Take some henna in a bowel and mix it with curd. Let it sit for half an hour. And apply this on your hair and strands till end to colour it. It will give cooling effect and may cause cough and cold if applied in severe cold climate. But if you sit in the sun after the application, it won’t affect you. After 1 hour or when it is dried, rinse it off with shampoo. Washing the hair under running water will be effective in removing the henna from the hair. Packing is usual and normal. Smell is of henna only. Cost is reasonable.

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2 years ago

Hygienic packaging


Provides shiny and strong hair

Provides a gorgeous brown tinge to the hair

This natural henna powder is safe to be used on hands as well as on hair for all age groups regardless of gender. It contains all natural ingredients with no artificial additives. It contains the goodness of amla, hibiscus and such beneficial flower extracts. The powder comes in hygienically packed individual sachets of five to preserve its freshness just like other variants from Banjara's.

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Banjara’s Natural Henna is made from natural and best-picked henna leaves. Alma and hibiscus help to prevent the hair from premature aging, while bhringraj promotes hair growth. It is 100 % safe and free from harmful chemicals, dyes, or harsh additives. It has both medicinal and cosmetic properties. It is an organic product with no added preservatives. It is naturally enriched with proteins and vitamins E and C, which nourish the hair from the root to the tip. It provides high shine and luster to the hair. This is a beneficial product for both hair and hands. It also helps in improving blood circulation.

How To Use Banjaras Natural Henna For Hair ?

  •  Mix Banjara’s natural henna and a required amount of water in a plastic bowl to make a thick paste.
  •  Apply this mixture to each and every section of the hair.
  •  Leave it for 30-45 minutes.
  •  Shampoo your hair.
  •  Gently wipe the hair with a dry towel.
  •  One can add yogurt and lemon to soften the hair and remove dandruff.
  •  For best result, add tea or coffee decoction and a few drops of lemon juice.

Banjaras Natural Henna For Hair Benefits And Uses :

  • Henna acts as a natural sunscreen and provides a shield to the hair.
  • It’s antifungal and anti dandruff properties make it a good medicinal herb.
  • It has healing properties and works as an anti-irritant and anti-microbial on the skin.
  • The henna is enriched with proteins and vitamins C and E.
  • This conditions the hair and gives shine and luster to it.
  • It cleanses the scalp and removes dandruff.
  • It provides frizz free and strong hair.

Banjaras Natural Henna For Hair Ingredients