Barva Skin Therapie Lipstick Reviews

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Barva Skin Therapie Lipstick is enriched with pure and organic ghee that nourishes the lips revealing a stunning and flawless finish. Its moisture-rich formula keeps lips soft, smooth, and supple. It replenishes natural moisture on the lips and stays hydrated for long hours. The antioxidants enriched formula prevents the signs of aging and reduces the visibility of fine lines. It effectively hides the dark patches and pigmentation on the lips. The richly pigmented lipstick gives a great color payoff that lasts for long hours. The chemical-free formulation contains 100% natural base and natural mineral colors that are safe and gentle on lips with no side effects. Its creamy soft texture glides smoothly on lips and melts like butter. It is available in 18 pretty shades that contain both shimmery and matte lipstick.

How To Use Barva Skin Therapie Lipstick ?

  • Outline the lips with a lip liner.
  • Swipe the desired shade of lip stick starting from center of the lips to outer corners.
  • Reapply when required.

Barva Skin Therapie Lipstick Benefits And Uses :

  • Rich pigmentation gives intense color payoff.
  • Moisturizes the lips.
  • Soften and smoothen lips.
  • Prevents the signs of aging and fine lines.
  • Averts the lips from darkening.
  • Contains both shimmers and matte lipsticks.
  • Replenishes the natural moisture in the lips.

Barva Skin Therapie Lipstick Shades (Colors) :

  • Burgundy (Shimmer)-206
  • Cotton Candy (Matte)-313
  • Elegant Red (Matte)-612
  • Fiery (Shimmer)-604
  • Flame (Shimmer)-608
  • Fuchsia (Shimmer)-336
  • Glory (Matte)-415
  • Lilac (Matte)-217
  • Natural Brown (Shimmer)-408
  • Orchid (shimmer)-222
  • Passion (Shimmer)-504
  • Pink Pearl (Matte)-702
  • Pomegranate (Shimmer)-208
  • Purple Patch (Shimmer)-220
  • Rose Damask (Shimmer)-225
  • Seduce (Shimmer)-329
  • Uptown Pink (Matte)-325
  • Wine Red (Matte)-616