Bblunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour

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Product Description

BBLUNT One Night Stand is a temporary hair color spray. This spray is an innovative and new way to color your hair without having to commit permanently. Pick the color of your choice and spray it on your tresses to add a splash of color. It is a quick and easy way to transform your look and outshine others, with the least effort. The color easily washes off with shampoo. It is available in 5 shades.

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Temporary hair color

Easy to use spray can

5 color choices

Washes off with shampoo

Quick and easy


Vibrant and pigmented color



Takes too long to dry

Color transfers

Makes hair dull

Leaves glitter particles

Fades away after combing

Settles on scalp

Uneven application

Temporary Hair colour!



BBLUNT One Night Stand is a temporary hair colour spray is a spray that gives you a temporary hair colour. This gives you the required hair colour which easily washes off the colour from your hair as well. There are 5 shades that one can choose from. It very easy to apply and easy to remove or wash away as well. But then tis can be damaging to the hair as well. The colour looks fabulous on any one. The shades are also very common and can best suit any person!! With one shampoo wash the colour is easy to wash away!

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