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Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Frizz Control


Hair Conditioning


Hair strengthening

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High risk 15%

Moderate risk 38%

Low risk 46%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Contains Sulfate

Contains Alcohol

Paraffin Free

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Berina Hair Straightening Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.9

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Hair cream


Healthy and lustrous hair

Straightens hair without heating irons

Berina hair straightener cream helps to make hair smooth shine and straight it is easily available in the market at a affordable price also i am also using the same for myself and happy from the results it is travel friendly and if you want straight hair then this us best

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2 years ago

Hair straightening cream


No side effects

I have used hair straighteners on several occasions to straighten my hair and it has left my hair damaged and frizzy. I have wavy hair and on several occasions I wanted it to be straight so I used the hair straighteners. These straighteners have made my hair very dry and frizzy and I was having second thoughts of throwing them away. One day I came across this Berina Hair Straightening Cream. This cream is a very effective product that helps in straightening the hair without the use of any electronic products that damage your hair. It needs a bit of patience to use this cream for effective results, but it is worth the try. It comprises a cream and a neutralizer that makes the hair smooth and silky and gives it a straight appearance without any frizz. It does not damage the hair and make it look very healthy and bouncy. 

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2 years ago

Best hair straightening cream


My friend has a curly hair and always try to straighten them using a heat straightener. This made her hair rough and dry. It was unmanageable. Her salon professional has recommended Berina hair straightening cream which has amazingly straightened her hair and kept it for long. Its texture is creamy and smooth that glides on the hair tresses evenly. This cream acts as a protective layer on the hair and prevents damage caused by the thermal straighteners. It makes the hair soft and smooth to touch. It reduces the frizzy and dry hair. It uplifts the hair dullness and imparts shine to it. It well nourishes and moisturizes the hair leaving it supple. It improves the hair texture. It easily detangles the hair. This has effectively straightened my friend’s hair. It made her hair silky soft and straight. She goes out with open hair now. I liked this affordable hair straightening cream and would like to give a try on my wavy hair.

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2 years ago

Get straightening done at home with using only creams


I very well remember using this product. I have curly and frizzy hair. There was a time when i literally wanted straight hair and it was my friend who mentioned about this Berina Hair Straightening Cream and he had got this for me to try it on too. I started loving my curly hair until recently and have been following the curly hair method too. Coming to this straightening cream it comes in a black cardboard box and has a hair straightening cream, neutralizer cream and a protein conditioner. All the details as to how to use it are mentioned on the leaflet provided in the box. He had given me the small box and i utilized the entire box at once . It did give me silky straight hair at once which I loved but it also gave me loads of hairfall. After washing off my hair ,although it was back to curly hair but somewhat I lost those curls .after that I completely stopped using the straightening cream at once

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2 years ago

Good Product !


Healthy and lustrous hair

Straightens hair without heating irons

Since childhood I was troubled by curly hair and I used to spend a lot in parlors and salons to straighten the hair and on other hair treatments. However, no treatment would last longer than 2 months. That’s when one of my friends recommended the Berina hair straightening cream. I have been using it for the past 6 months and it has been very effective in keeping my straight and smooth. I would say it is not very easy to use since care has to be taken while using the cream. The cream should not be applied with bare hands. It should be applied only on the hair and not on the scalp. But if the things are done right, the cream works like a magic to solve curly hair issues. I would suggest buying the Berina Fixer Neutralizer along with the Berina Hair Straightening cream as they both work together to provide the desired output.

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2 years ago

Waste of money


My sister has extremely curly and unmanageable hair and hence it becomes extremely imperative for her to straighten her hair. She tried the Berina hair straightening cream and shared her review with me. The cream comes packaged in a cardboard box which contains the straightening cream, fixer cream and the conditioner . She applied the cream on her hair as per the instructions on the box and she found the odour of the cream extremely unpleasant and weird on her hair. The fixer cream is extremely greasy and it made her hair feel extremely sticky and she felt uncomfortable using it. The cream effectively straightened her hair but it led to alot of side effects on her hair. She experienced alot of hair fall, hair tangle and her hair felt extremely rough and unmanageable. She truly felt ripped as the product was priced heavily and did not deliver good results. She immediately discontinued using this product and would surely not recommend this product.

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Berina Hair Straightening Cream is new in the market and is looking to give those with frizzy, unmanageable hair a respite. Its unique texture lock feature makes it possible for hair with any texture to become smooth and silky without using straightening devices. This Hair Straightening Cream by Berina is used by professionals at salons across the world to give everyone long-lasting straight hair, while shielding it from the damage caused by heating irons and harsh styling products. It comes with a neutralizer cream that makes it super effective. This straightening cream nourishes and protects your hair.

How To Use Berina Hair Straightening Cream ?

  • Shampoo your hair and towel dry it.
  • Take the required quantity of Berina Hair Straightening Cream in a container.
  • Wear gloves while handling the product.
  • Apply the cream on your hair using a brush.
  • Avoid contact with your scalp.
  • After applying the product, straighten your hair by combing it from roots to the end for 5 mins.
  • Leave the Cream on your hair for approximately 20-30 mins.
  • Rinse the cream off.
  • Dry Hair with towel and apply Berina Fixer Neutralizer.
  • Comb your hair again.
  • Dampen your hair/spray water on your hair and massage again.
  • Rinse throughouly after that.

Berina Hair Straightening Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Straightens hair


Berina Hair Straightening Cream Ingredients