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Biobloom Under Eye Gel Ingredients

Mentha Piperita Oil
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Aloe Vera Gel

Biobloom Under Eye Gel Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.0

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Eye Gel


Easily available

Soothens senses

Biobloom Under Eye Gel treating for puffy eyes. This gel is having Vitamin E, A, and C, which effectively hydrate and repair the marks under eye area. It reduces dark circles The gel is easily absorbed into your skin. The gel is suitable for people with sensitive eyes. One of my friends is having black spots in the eye area, I have suggested using biobloom under-eye Gel. After15 days he realizes that black spots are vanishing slowly. He feels better by using this gel. Due to vitamin under the gel, his power of the eye to see is increased. He is wearing glasses with numbers. After using biobloom under Eye Gel, his eye number of glasses reduced. The eye gel is having a Good Fragrance. I’m Engineer and don’t have time to sleep due to more work and my eyes look so dull and tired. When I use Eye GEL of Biobloom it’s given me a relax feeling to my eyes and also looks shine.

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1 year ago

Cooling effect


Easily available

Great fragrance

Soothens senses

Lack of sleep and stress and unhealthy lifestyle cause under eye dark circle. If you deprive of sleep it causes under-eye darkness which doesn’t look appalling. Biobloom under eye gel is a unique and excellent product that effectively reduces the darkness of the under-eye area. It is a lightweight gel that absorbs into the skin easily, gives a soothing effect. It provides a cooling sensation on the under-eye area and calm down eyes and refreshes your senses. Its gel has a lightweight smooth texture with a thin consistency. It has a mild pleasant smell which is mood uplifting. The gel is enriched with Vitamin E, A, and C which provide the required amount of hydration and moisturization to the under-eye area. The vitamin C helps fade away the darkness of the skin. Regular use of this under eye gel makes you under eye area bright, supple and fresh. Its eye gel is natural and organic, hence safe to use on sensitive skin.

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1 year ago

Under eye gel



this Bio bloom under eye gel was recommended to me by my friend. i am using it for more than a month now. it comes in a small jar packaging which i personally find very unhygienic. it has a gel like texture, the consistency of which is very good and spreads easily on the skin. it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly as it is very light weight. it has a very refreshing minty smell to it. it is not oily, hut it dries out very quickly and after few hours the under eye area feels dry. it is not for dry under eyes as it is not very moisturizing. it gives a nice cooling sensation and soothes my senses instantly. but other than that it does nothing for my under eye puffiness or under eye dark circles. it is only good to be applied when your are feeling tired and after a long day working at the screen.

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1 year ago

Under Eye Gel !!


Easily available

Great fragrance

Soothens senses

An under eye gel became a most important product in my beauty regimen after having kids . Sleepless nights and having no time to take care of myself made me to develop dark circles and my eyes looks so dull and tired . I was looking out for some affordable yet effective under eye creams for treating dark circles and eye puffiness and ended up purchasing this Bio bloom Under eye gel after reading a much of positive reviews . The Gel comes in a cute transparent container with a tight cap that is easy to use , travel friendly but not hygienic to use . Though they have a gel texture once applied in the skin it gets absorbed instantly and gives a cooling and refreshing effects to the delicate under eye area . They are enriches with aloe vera , mint and rose water which treats the under eye area effectively in a regular use . After a regular use, twice daily for about a month I was able to lighten the dark spots , my eye puffiness was completely gone and it refreshes the under eye area and makes it look so fresh on every single use . But the product gave just temporary result , if we stop using the product eye puffiness , dull and tired looks are back again which was disappointing !!

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1 year ago

Soothing under eye gel


Soothing gel

Treats puffed and irritated eyes

I generally worked late night and it caused my eyes to puff up and appear very dull and fatigued. I also have started getting dark circles around my eyes. I tried applying cucumber pieces and cotton balls dipped in rose water to give a soothing and calming effect to my eyes and reduce the dark circles around the eyes. The results were taking a lot of time and I was in a very bad state. My friend suggested me to use this biobloom under eye gel. This gel comes in a small box with screw cap and is thick in consistency. It is a very lightweight gel and gets easily absorbed in the skin. It has a very soothing and calming effect to the eyes. The gel comprises of Vitamin E, C and A that help in effectively hydrating and repairing the under eye area. It has a very aromatic fragrance and is not told bothersome to those who have sensitive eyes.

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Biobloom Under Eye Gel works brilliantly on treating fatigued and puffy eyes. This gel is enriched with Vitamin E, A, and C, which effectively hydrate and repair the delicate under eye area. Mint greatly works on the sagging skin and reduces dark circles. The gel is lightweight and gets easily absorbed into your skin. The gel is suitable for people with sensitive eyes too and does not irritate or cause any discomfort. The gel gives a calming and soothing sensation to the eyes and refreshes one’s senses with its lovely, enchanting fragrance.

How To Use Biobloom Under Eye Gel ?

  • Wash your undereye area.
  • Take a small amount of the gel on the finger tips.
  • Close your eyes and gently massage it around your eyes.
  • Massage untill the gel is completely absorbed.

Biobloom Under Eye Gel Benefits And Uses :

  • The gel is lightweight and non-sticky
  • Has an enchanting fragrance which lingers on
  • Effectively hydrates the under eye area
  • Reduces the puffiness under the eyes
  • Helps with the reduction of dark circles
  • Makes the under eye area feel more softer
  • The refreshing odor of the gel calms the senses
  • The gel makes the eye area feel soothed and calm
  • The packageing is sturdy and travel-friendly
  • The gel lasts very long hence making it cost friendly