Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick Reviews

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Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick is a gorgeous and high definition lipstick that nourishes and protects the lips. Its rich pigmentation gives intense color payoff. Its luxurious creamy texture glides super smoothly and blends seamlessly to provide full coverage on the lips in just one stroke. The smudge-proof walk free lipstick gives a perfect and flawless gloss finish to the lips. The black lipstick looks stunning and stylish with a pointed tip that helps in precise application. Their vivid and vibrant shades do not accentuate the fine lines on the lips. The staying power is good and lasts for long hours on the lips without fading unevenly or appearing patchy.

How To Use Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick ?

  • Outline the lips with a good lip liner.
  • Pick a desired shade.
  • Apply it swiping from the centre of the upper lip to outer corners.
  • Swipe the lipstick on the lower lip.

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick Benefits And Uses :

  • Provides an intense color payoff.
  • Creamy texture blends seamlessly.
  • Provides full coverage.
  • Gives a gorgeous glossy finish.
  • Does not accentuate fine lines and blemishes.

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick Shades (Colors) :

  • lp-1
  • lp-2
  • lp-3
  • lp-4
  • lp-5
  • lp-6
  • lp-7
  • lp-8
  • lp-9
  • lp-10
  • lp-11
  • lp-12
  • lp-13
  • lp-14
  • lp-15
  • lp-16
  • lp-17
  • lp-18
  • lp-19
  • lp-20
  • lp-22
  • lp-23
  • lp-24