Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume Reviews

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2 years ago

Love perfume


Smells pleasant

stays for long

Many of us know that Body Cupid is famous for all the bath and body related products and they do it so perfectly. One such product is Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume. I have been using this product for a long time now and I totally love it because all its product are paraben and sulphate free and are little natural too. They do not cause any irritation to the skin when applied directly also. They are much affordable when compared to many other perfumes. They come in a elegantly packed glass bottle. The fragrance of this perfume is very mild but yet stays for long, also it feels heavenly to keep smelling it throughout the day. People who are crazy about collecting perfumes like me must have even this in their collections. It is a perfect gift one can give to their loved ones on any occasion. It will surely make their day.

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2 years ago

Refreshing fruity fragrance


This is the best give I have received on my birthday from my besties. I loved its alluring fragrance. This is the best aromatic and refreshing scent I have ever used. Its packaging comes in an elegant and luxe bottle with a golden cap. This perfume bottle is easy to carry as it is sturdy. It has a fruity fragrance that uplifts the mind and senses. The scent is fresh and clean. Once sprayed the aroma lingers in the air around me. I received many compliments from others when I spritz this perfume on my skin. Its lasting power is good and I suggest using a touch of vaseline on the pulse points and then spray the scent on it. This lasts the fragrance for long hours. This is designed from the natural sources with no added harmful chemicals. Hence, it is safe to use on the skin. A perfect scent for special occasions.

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2 years ago

Great for senses


Great packaging

A perfume for all seasons

I bought the Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume 2 months back based on an online advertisement and the perfume is great if not the best. The fragrance is feminine and luxurious and is long lasting. I use this regularly. I apply it before I leave to office and the perfume lasts till the end of the day. Despite using it every day for the past 2 months, I still have more than 40% of the perfume remaining. The packaging of the perfume is neat and the bottle of the perfume is sturdy and doesn’t break easily. I use it on my dress and the perfume does not leave any stain mark on the dress. The fragrance is pleasant and doesn’t cause any irritation. I gifted this to my friend for her birthday and she also liked the perfume. I would recommend this for only those who prefer floral fragrance. It is reasonably priced for its quality.

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2 years ago

Great for daily use and parties


My friend smelled really great during our casual outing ,it was a nice feminine fragrance neither too strong nor mild and when i enquired she mentioned it was the Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume .it is easily available and also very much reasonably priced and i got this at a great discount rate too. I love the packaging looks quite classy both the outer and also the perfume packaging looks beautiful in and out .it comes in a rectangular shaped glass bottle and the spray dispenser is covered with a cap on top. Although i hate carrying perfumes around while travelling as the glass bottles are fragile i did take this along as i loved the fragrance. It has this subtle fragrance to it which is not that overpowering and it can used daily too . I usually spritz it on the pulse points after showering and the fragrance stays for long .just about perfect for daily use or even parties

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2 years ago

Not good


I was gifted the Body Cupid Secret love perfume and was super happy. I love wearing different fragrances from different brands and hence when I received this fragrance I was more than happy to try it. The perfume comes packaged in a rectangular shaped bottle with a golden colour cap which is sturdy and the bottle is further packaged in a white colour cardboard box. I applied the perfume by spraying it from a distance on my clothes and not directly on my skin. The fragrance was great and refreshing and smelt very feminine and great. The perfume did not stain my clothes or cause any irritation to my skin. It is surely a fragrance which can be worn during any part of the day or season. On the flip side I was unhappy that the fragrance was not long lasting and it faded off within about 2 hours. I may not purchase this again.

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The Body Cupid secret love perfume comes packaged in a lovely rectangular shaped bottle with a stylish cap and is easy to carry around. Its feminine fragrance epitomes charm. This fruity perfume has top notes of clementine, apricot, peach, and black currant. The middle notes of orange blossom and wild orchid and the base notes are of musk, cedarwood and amber create an exciting and unique medley. This sensuous perfume lasts long, leaving you smelling good all day. This subtle perfume is suitable for any time of the year.

How To Use Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume ?

  • Use this perfume after taking a bath.
  • Do not apply directly on the skin.
  • Hold the can at a distance and spray it on your clothes.
  • Apply a small quantity on the pulse points (wrist, neck, and cleavage) for a better impact.
  • Avoid spraying near the eyes.
  • Avoid spraying on irritated or broken skin.

Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume Benefits And Uses :

  • Attractive, travel-friendly packaging.
  • It works well for all seasons.
  • Versatile perfume suitable for all occasions.
  • The fragrance is very seductive and alluring.
  • The fragrance has longevity.
  • It does not irritate the skin or cause any inflammation.

Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume Side Effects :

  • Can cause a headache in those who are allergic to fragrances