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Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Very Good Moisturizer


Non greasy formula

Light texture

Easily absorbs

Moisturizes well

Smooth skin

Nice fragrance

I have used boroplus body lotion during my teenage days. I used to like it then. After many years I saw this updated version of the body lotion with kesar. Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion is an ayurvedic formula infused with the goodness of Kashmiri Kesar. This lotion is very moisturizing and the main plus point is even a little amount is enough to cover the entire arms and legs. The texture is slightly thin and runny. It is very light and gets easily absorbed into the skin. The moisturization also stays for a long time without drying out. The kesar in this lotion acts as a brightening agent and helps to lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots and blemishes. Overall, a good lotion and perfect for everyday use. It comes in a pump dispenser packaging and very easy to use.

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2 years ago

Nice one


I was looking out for a good Moisturizer when my friend told me about the Boroplus Doodh Kesar body lotion and I immediately purchased it . The lotion comes packaged in a white colour plastic bottle with a purple colour pump which enables dispensing of the product. The lotion is enriched with Ayurvedic formula and has healing properties as well. I took a small amount of the lotion on the palm of my hand and I gently applied it all over my face, neck and my entire body till it got completely absorbed. The lotion is white in colour and has a mild fragrance and a medium consistency. The fragrance of the lotion is mild and pleasant but it did not last long on my skin. The lotion effectively hydrated and moisturized my skin and made it feel soft and supple. The lasting power of the lotion is average and after about three to four hours I felt the need for a reapplication. It did not effectively work on cuts or wounds.

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2 years ago

best body lotion enriched with milk and kesar helps in bringing back glowing skin.


works on finelines

Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion is enriched with natural goodness. It helps in nourishing the skin and makes it healthy. I have used it for really long time and is a trust worthy product. It has milk proteins an essential vitamins helps in enhancing the skin vitality. Milk helps in restoring the beauty of damaged skin. I have observed a great change after using it for some time. It made my skin soft supple and smooth. It intense moisturization helps with the dry skin and white flakes. The kesar helps in improving the skin tone and evens it out. I have feel that my skin became brighter and fairer than before. The body lotion is very light and does not make your skin greasy gets absorbed well in to the skin. It even helps with early aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. It evens out blemishes also. It is completely natural so is safe even on sensitive skin.

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2 years ago

Keeps skin Moisturized


No harsh chemicals

Ayurvedic formula


Mild fragrance

Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion is a must buy during winters especially if you have dry skin .there is nothing so extraordinary about this lotions packaging comes in a white and purple coloured plastic bottle with the purple lid. This is available in different sizes and also easily available at affordable rates. This has been marketed as an antiseptic lotion and it has the goodness of milk and saffron alongwith few other herbs.youbcan also carry this along while travelling won't leak or spill at all. The texture is creamy and the consistency is just about the right type not too thick nor too thin .well all you need is little product and it spreads evenly on the skin. But however you need to massage the lotion for a little more than usual as it takes time to absorb into the skin. After which the skin won't feel greasy at keeps the skin Moisturized and hydrated all day long .this is just like a typical body lotion nothing more than that

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2 years ago

Nourishing body lotion


Boro plus doodh kesar body lotion is a nourishing moisturiser that provides soft, smooth and supple skin. I use this body lotion when my skin becomes dry and flaky. The consistency of the lotion is neither thick nor runny. It is soft and creamy that glides on the skin smoothly and blends evenly. It is slightly greasy on my skin hence, I use this moisturiser mostly in winters when my skin is dehydrated. This is a good moisturiser for dry and very dry skin. It restores the natural moisture in my skin. It makes my skin soft and well nourished. The formulation is enriched with Kashmiri saffron and milk. This is made from the natural extracts. It enhances the skin elasticity and reduces the signs of ageing. It makes the skin look healthy and youthful. I need not reapply this lotion as it keeps the skin hydrated all day long. I liked this body lotion.

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Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion is an ayurvedic formula, specially curated for dry skin to enhance skin's natural texture by nourishing it. Loaded with the immense benefits of milk which are rich in vitamins, the body lotion spreads smoothly, sinks into the skin, moisturizes, and locks the moisture content within the epidermal layer providing a soft, supple and healthy-looking skin. Also, it soothes dryness and flakes of skin. It is infused with the skin brightening agent, Kashmiri Kesar that brightens skin tone lightens dark spots and adds a radiant glow. The nutrients rich formula reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and other ageing signs. Apply the body lotion daily like any other moisturizer to maintain the moisture balance and for younger-looking skin.

How To Use Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion ?

  • Take a little quantity of the product in your palm.
  • Apply it over your skin and massage gently with your fingertips.
  • Allow it to get absorbed.
  • For better results, apply the body lotion after showering on damp skin.

Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion Benefits And Uses :

  • Ayurvedic formula that nourishes skin.
  • Hydrates and conditions skin.
  • Reduces ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Maintains moisture balance in skin for 24 hours.
  • Lightens dark spots, acne scars, and brightens complexion.
  • Soothes dryness and flaky skin.
  • Fights germs.

Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion Ingredients

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