Amway Corporation has shaped our lives in a different light. Over the years, Amway has enhanced our standards of living in terms of health, beauty, and wellness. Founded 61 years ago, Amway is the largest direct-selling company. They have products ranging from personal nutrition to home and living. Find the best and most of Amway only at your very own StyleCraze Reviews.

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Amway is a familiar name in every household that has been passed down from age-old generations. It was founded by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959. These two gem co-founders duo shaped a dream into a reality of bringing people into their own businesses. It is a multi-level marketing company that survives through a huge global community of people today. With promising faith, hope, and success, Amway is spread across 100+ countries and territories in the world.

It has given ordinary people the power to dream, invest, and manifest a life of luxury, health, and happiness. It has enriched our lives all these years through its essential visions and values. Amway is built on some binding principles like:

  • Partnership: The shared interest of solidarity and support is a treasure trove amongst all the families, owners, employees of Amway. Its partnership is built on immense trust and belief.
  • Integrity: Amway is believed to be one of the most reputed brands only because of its sheer understanding of what is right and just. It has grown leaps and bounds economically only because of its shared emotional relationships earned amongst the people.
  • Personal Worth: Amway has always respected each person’s individuality and their capability to grow. It has supported and guided them to reach their best.
  • Achievement: Amway has never looked behind from its inception. It has always embraced change, fueled creativity, and moved towards progress.
  • Personal Responsibility: Amway has today grown as a global community because of the shared efforts of each individual. It has given personal growth and effort immense importance. Hence, this shared labor has shown fruitful results always.
  • Free Enterprise: Amway exercises freedom and free enterprise in terms of economic development.

Amway Family of Brands:

Amway has grown globally in the fields of Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care, Home & Living, Agricultural Products, and many more.

  • Nutrition: XS, Nutrilite are the major brands of the Nutrition category.
  • Beauty: Attitude and Artistry are two main ranges of the Beauty Category.
  • Personal Care: Glister, Persona, Satinique, Dynamite, G&H, Attitude Deodorants are some major brands of the Personal Care category.

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