The essence of homegrown is differently flavored. It has its own charm and magic altogether. Arata is an Indian brand that is immensely loved today for its classicism. Found and developed in India, Arata brings a wide array of products for all your skin types and hair types with no discrimination bar. Discover this new, dedicated, and truly loved brand right here at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Just how the saying goes, “Charity begins at home”, Arata found its birth, meaning, and living similarly. It all started with flaxseed - a flaxseed hair gel. While one of the co-founders of Arata, Madhok was getting married, the other co-founder Bhasin used his mother’s homemade flaxseed gel to style his hair and look prim and proper for his friend’s wedding.

While Madhok enquired about the side-effects, whitening, and hair fall of using excessive hair gel, Bhasin told that it was 100% natural as a formula and is made from organic flaxseeds. Knowing this, Madhok definitely wanted to try, and hence, Bhasin sent across a sample the next day. On trying, Madhok told Bhasin that they should make this for everyone and offer them a safe alternative to style their lovely hair.

This idea of creating flaxseed gel as a safer alternative for everyone arose from the risks of using too many chemical ingredients. Ingredients and chemicals that often cause hair fall, whitening, etc were largely being used in personal care products. Carcinogens banned in North America and Europe are still being used in India to make products and are successfully largely sold. Hence, Arata was envisioned as an honest personal care company made with 100% safe, clean ingredients of the highest quality. The brand aims to make trustworthy and credible products from day one. With a bunch of talented minds coming together and working for a common goal, Arata finally saw the light of the world.

Arata is a plant-powered, chemical-free skincare brand that ensures to give you clear and healthy skin and hair. With this powerful vision, the brand is backed with some essential, genuine values. The brand is driven by honesty and transparency. Every single ingredient used in its products is mentioned and revealed on the product itself. The products undergo safety testing, heavy metals testing, stability, and efficacy testing individually. They are sent for production once they clear all tests. Once the first batch is approved by the quality-control team, it goes live in the market. All ingredients are authentically sourced from all around the world and from organic farms in India as well. The brand creates products that are highly effective, useful, and efficient. Moreover, this is the only personal care brand in India that uses 100% recycled plastic packaging across all its products. Waste plastic from oceans and landfills is collected across the globe. It is then sanitized, pelletized, melted, and remolded into the Arata packaging you see today. The brand doesn’t use any single-use plastic in secondary packaging. The labels are also printed using biodegradable, food-grade ink.

The brand stands for all things powerful, sustainable, and lovable. It doesn’t discriminate on the basis of genders, ages, or humans. It is for everyone. Too much goodness, isn’t it? Get your hands on the best of Arata products listed below.

Arata Products Range

  • Arata Products Range has products for hair care, face care, body care, and oral care.

Best-selling Arata Products

  • Arata Organic Flaxseed Hair Gel
  • Arata Organic Flaxseed & Olive Oil Hair Cream
  • Arata Coconut & Apricot Body Wash
  • Arata Tea Tree Oil Mint Body Lotion
  • Arata Green Apple Raspberry Maple Hair Conditioner
  • Arata Cocoa Butter Lemon Lip Balm
  • Arata Maple Lemon Blueberry Shampoo
  • Arata Flaxseed Lemon Oil Face Wash


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