Cleanliness and hygiene have been a vital part of our daily lives. Dettol, a trustworthy brand has ensured our daily essentials and surroundings to be germ-free for decades now. From antiseptic liquids to hand washes, Dettol has made life easier and safer. The wide range of products at Dettol prevents infections, diseases, and viruses. Fetch the best of Dettol products right here at StyleCraze Reviews.

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The history of Dettol goes back to 1932. The journey of 89 years has safeguarded newborn babies, vital health hygiene, home cleanliness, surface areas, and so much more. It is owned by Reckitt Benckiser, an Anglo-Dutch company.

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid was first used in hospitals. It was used in surgical processes for cleaning and disinfection purposes and to prevent illnesses and infections in mothers post-childbirth. It is a trusted and the most recommended brand by millions of doctors across the world.

Dettol started with the purpose of first aid and today, it protects families all over the world from infections and illnesses. It teaches children the importance of regular hand washing, educates new mothers about hygiene and safety measures to protect themselves and their babies from germs, illnesses, etc. Over the years, Dettol has promoted a healthy way of living life without the fear of getting infected by germs, illnesses, etc.

With every passing year, Dettol’s vision to protect families has broadened. It partners with Save the Children to help the mothers in places where the difference between life and death is an illness. Dettol runs a Young Mother’s Program. It works closely with various NGO’s, health care professionals in over 40 countries to teach hygiene education. It ensures good health for the mother, her newborn, and the families. It reaches over 8 million new mothers to educate them about hygiene.

Dettol also creates hygiene education awareness in educational institutions. Behavioral habits are a practice. If started early, it stays with us in the long run. Hence, Dettol teaches school kids about the importance of washing hands regularly and other essential habits to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. The brand also contributes to Children Emergency Fund and Disaster Fund Reliefs.

Dettol’s initiative “Dettol Banega Swacch India” is a 5-year program in which the brand has committed to invest Rs. 100 cr. The purpose of the program is to promote the increasing need for hygiene and sanitation in India. It aims to Drive Behaviour Change through the hand hygiene programs such as Young Mother’s Program and School Hand Wash Program. It also aims at improving sanitation facilities by working with NGOs to identify areas across the country. This will help the brand maintain and develop cleaner toilets. Dettol as a brand promotes hygiene anywhere at any time. It aims at spreading awareness about hygiene for a better, safer, and healthier tomorrow. Find the best of Dettol Products right here.


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