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Amongst the various popular varieties, some brands have created their niche in the field of healing treatments that are effective and essential to their patients without fail. Dr. Batra’s is one such company that has not only provided the best treatments for skin and hair concerns but has won people’s trust like no other. Learn more about Dr. Batra’s range of products right here at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Dr. Batra’s driven force is Dr. Mukesh Batra who has established modern homeopathy in India.
Earlier, Homeopathy was considered an ancient art and was practiced by amateurs or retirees. When in 1973, Dr. Batra graduated, he decided to take on this challenge to bring homeopathy par with modern medicine. He made Homeopathy a paid and professional service legally. He is the strongest pillar behind why Homeopathy is being considered an effective medical science today. His entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and commitment have taken Homeopathy to greater heights of belief and acceptance.

Dr. Batra’s charitable initiatives and commercials have promoted Homeopathy all over the world. He has also set up the world’s largest homeopathy clinic. His constant efforts to promote acceptance and legalization of Homeopathy all over the world have been immense. He has also been partly responsible for legalizing Homeopathy in Mauritius by setting up his company’s first homeopathic clinic there. The Mauritian Broadcasting Corporation has made a documentary film on the life of Dr. Mukesh Batra. He has also introduced Homeopathy in the middle eastern countries.

Dr.Batra has standardized Homeopathy in India by strengthening its infrastructure, services, medicines, treatments across all clinics in India and abroad. Treatment at Dr. Batra’s is followed by proper training and processes strictly. These treatments are reviewed by Medical Audit Department regularly. The medicines sent to each clinic are bought centrally through approved vendors as per international standards.

Dr. Batra’s Healthcare started with one single clinic in Mumbai run by Dr. Mukesh Batra himself. Today, it has expanded to over 230 clinics in 122 cities of India, Dubai, the UK, and Bangladesh. It has about 400 doctors, 2000 employees, and over 1.5 million treated so far. The company has personalized product brands, 64 SKUs, over 84 franchisees. It has a media house that publishes India’s first-ever homeopathy and lifestyle magazine. The company also runs a veterinary hospital in Delhi and a training academy for doctors.

Through all the milestones and achievements of the company, world-class services have been the hallmark of the company. It has changed the idea and vision of Homeopathy in India. The picture of Homeopathy on the global map was properly pioneered by Dr. Batra’s. Apart from their services, explore their range of products listed below.

Dr. Batra’s Products Range

Hair Care: Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Oil, Hair Fiber, Hair Serum, Gel, Hair Fall Control Kit, Anti Dandruff Kit, Hair Care Kit, Hair Nutrition Products

Skin Care: Face Wash, Bathing Bars, Cleansing Milk, Anti Aging Serum, Sun Screen, Moisturizers, Skin Serum, Toner, Cream

Personal Care: Deos, Foot Cream, Sanitizers, Hair Color


Best-selling Dr. Batra’s Products
  • Dr. Batra’s Skin Toner
  • Dr. Batra’s Anti-Dandruff Hair Serum
  • Dr. Batra’s Natural Anti Acne Cream
  • Dr. Batra’s Hair Fall Control Serum
  • Dr. Batra’s Oil Control Face Wash
  • Dr. Batra’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo
  • Dr. Batra’s Jojoba Hair Oil
  • Dr. Batra’s Natural Cleansing Milk
  • Dr. Batra’s Conditioner Enriched with Amla
  • Dr. Batra’s Acne Clear Face Wash
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