An old favourite in every household, Emami has impacted Indian lives for years now. What started as a small dream to let women’s beauty speak for their own identities; today is one of the leading FMCG companies. Emami has envisioned good health and beauty in everyone’s life since its inception in 1974. With over 7+ power brands and its products, Emami reaches out to all for its great impacts. Find the best and the oldest of Emami products at your very own StyleCraze Reviews.

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Emami was founded by Mr. R.S. Agarwal and Mr. R.S. Goenka with a budget of Rs.20,000. The cosmetics manufactured were initially sold by these two friends from shop to shop. Slowly and steadily, as the products rolled out to be a success, Emami created its niche with some employees and distributors.

Emami took over Himani in 1978 and it proved to be the turning point of the organization. The two passionate entrepreneurs brought the idea of combining Ayurveda with evolving science and technology. Emami’s first power brand BoroPlus was launched under Himani in 1978. BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream became the largest selling antiseptic cream in India, Russia, Ukraine, and Nepal. Followed by this, BoroPlus Prickly Heat Powder also did its rounds.

In the 90s, Emami launched its second power brand with Navratna Cool Oil under Himani. This oil became the most popular under the cool oil category in the country. With this, Emami’s production and distribution network expanded towards Southern India.

Over the years, Emami has acquired Zandu, Kesh King, Creme 21 and uplifted success to greater heights. Emami has made a turnover of Rs 2655 crore in the last 2 years. It spans 13% of the total revenue overseas as well. It is today available in 60+ countries, has 2 associates in India, houses 3200 employees, and 3200 distributors. The torch-bearing success story of Emami enthralls many dreamers and safeguards many consumers’ wellness and health.

Emami Family Brands

BoroPlus: Boroplus Ayurvedic Antiseptic Cream, BoroPlus Prickly Heat Powder, BoroPlus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion, BoroPlus Aloe Vera Gel, BoroPlus Antiseptic Moisturizing Hand Wash, BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitizer, BoroPlus Antiseptic + Moisturizing Soap.

Navratna: Navratna Cool Oil, Navratna Extra Thanda, Navratna Extra Thanda Hairfall Rodhak, Navratna Garam Ayurvedic Oil, Navratna Maxx Cool Talc, Navratna Cool Talc.

Zandu: Zandu Balm, Zandu Balm Ultra Power, Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil, Zandu Quick Relief Roll-On, Zandu Pancharishta, Zandu Nityam, Zandu Keshari Jivan, Zandu Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer.

Fair and Handsome: Fair and Handsome Radiance Cream for Men, Fair and Handsome Instant Radiance Fash Wash, Fair and Handsome Laser 12 Advanced Whitening Multi Benefit Cream.

Kesh King: Ayurvedic Oil and Shampoo.

Mentho Plus: Mentho Plus Balm

Fast Relief: Fast Relief Pain Relief Ointment

Emami 7 Oils in One: Non Sticky Hair Oil

HE Deodorants: Passion, Power, Force, Intense, Arctic, Lagoon, Ruler, Innovator, Respect, Achiever, Magic Duo Angel & Demon, Magic Duo Yin & Yang

Vasocare: Herbal Petroleum Jelly

Diamond Shine: Creme Hair Colour: 1.0 Natural Black, 3.0 Dark Brown, 3.66 Cherry Red, 4.0 Natural Brown, 4.16 Burgundy

Emami Golden Beauty: Talc

Emami Naturally Fair: Herbal Fairness Cream

Emasol: Home Hygiene Solutions

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