India is a rich country, filled with artisans, craftsmen, and skilled personalities. Very few of the lot has been able to channelize their talent and showcase it to the world. Fab India is one such brand that connects such skilled craftsmen to the urban markets, thereby bringing into our lives, the true handcrafted essence of India. From clothes to home decor, perfumes to body care, Fab India is truly born from the lap of the country. Explore their bests of collections at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Fab India came into being in 1960 by John Bissell. He was an American employee at the Ford Foundation, New Delhi. Today, his son, William Nanda Bissell is the chairman of Fab India. The specialty of the brand goes back to the makers of its products i.e, the rural craftspeople who make each product with traditional techniques and hand-based processes.

It links over 55,000 rural crafts-based people with urban markets. The products are sourced from villages to help the rural talent sustain themselves. It promotes the rural employment scene in the nation. Over 40,000 people across India produce the Fab India products, ensuring the flavors of India hit right at the chords. All products made are natural, contemporary, and affordable. Not just that, they bring out the authentic colors, vibes, and traditions of the country.

The brand celebrates India with a vision to show the world India and the things that we love. The brand has a three-step mission to ensure its future is rich and safe.

  1. It aims to turn the transformative power of a well-run business committed to growth in support of the brand’s perspective.
  2. It aims to strengthen, encourage, and guide its community of artisans, farmers, makers, designers, customers inspired by India.
  3. It aims to delight customers with products inspired by the rich heritage and culture of our country while keeping the environment protected and safe.

The brand also abides by some crucial values that have shaped its growth so far. It is to stay true to the company’s rich history and the founder’s visionary idea:

  • to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the products they get and that it is worth their money.
  • to make, sell products by understanding the worth of its originality.
  • to be an ethical and trustworthy brand.
  • to share its vision and principles with all the members of the Fab India community.
  • to ensure all actions are in service to their principles, mission, and vision.

Today, Fab India operates over 327 stores across India and over 14 international stores. Its range of perfumes, body care, oils, etc. is true to the essences and fragrances of India. Explore the rural Indian goodness right here. Listed below are some of the best-selling Fab India beauty products.

Fab India Beauty Products Range

  • Skin Care: Face, Bath & Body, Hands & Feet
  • Hair Care: Hair Oils, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Packs
  • Fragrances: Perfume Oils, Essential Oils, Body Sprays, Eau De Parfum
  • Specials: Lip Butters, Hand Cleansing, Kajal, Mosquito Repellant

Best-selling Fab India Products

  • Fab India Charcoal Face Scrub
  • Fab India Vitamin E Daily Moisturizing Cream
  • Fab India Jasmine Body Spray
  • Fab India Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
  • Fab India Vitamin E Skin Hydrating Cream
  • Fab India Clove Acne Control Cream
  • Fab India Tea Tree Face Wash
  • Fab India Avocado Face Wash
  • Fab India Avocado Foot Cream
  • Fab India Vitamin E Night Cream
  • Fab India Tea Tree Skin Toner
  • Fab India Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel


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