With many Direct Selling Companies taking on a trend, using high-quality premium products at the comfort of our houses has become so much easier. IMC is one such direct selling company that promotes a world of health, wealth, and comfort. What’s more special is that the company brings us organic Ayurvedic products. Explore the wide range of IMC products at StyleCraze Reviews.

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IMC’s journey started in 2007 by two passionate entrepreneurs Dr. Ashok Bhatia and Mr. Satyan Bhatia. With their quest to create a better world, they started this company that sells organic Ayurvedic, patented herbal health, beauty, and personal care products. Over time, IMC has made careers for many individuals by making them financially independent. It is the first direct selling company in India that uses a business model that eliminates middlemen.

Dr. Ashok Bhatia started International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd. along with his son Mr. Satyan Bhatia. The aim was to create the first herbal company in India where anyone can work without any hesitation. By witnessing various shortcomings in life, Dr. Bhatia ensured that with IMC, anyone can work irrespective of their financial backgrounds, or education, or qualifications. Mr. Satyan Bhatia wanted to promote the rich heritage of India, helping people deal with diseases and ailments in an affordable manner without having side-effects. His idea was to bring back the riches of Ayurveda to the modern lifestyles. When both the visions came together, IMC was formed with a mission of wellness and growth of the society.

IMC is a privileged member of FICCI. It aims at creating and promoting a sustainable environment for the improvement of society. The company has won many awards and accolades over the years such as National Achievements Award, MaharishiDhanvantari Award, National Excellency Award, International Achievers Award. It also launched its first-ever magazine: Choo Lo Aasman in the year 2011-2012. The brand aims at promoting Swadeshi products in both national and international markets through Direct Selling. The herbal products of IMC are approved by the Ayurvedic Drug Department and the Government of Uttarakhand.
The IMC Foundation is a social welfare organization that participates in various social welfare activities. The company is also a part of IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association), which works for the growth of Direct Selling Companies. IMC’s mission to promote a healthy lifestyle with the usage of India’s rich heritage has also been successful. Hence, it introduced AloeVeda, a combination of the goodness of Aloe Vera with Ayurveda. This concept has a lot of products that want to rekindle people’s faith in the rejuvenating powers of nature.

IMC has come a long way in nurturing, inspiring lives by bringing back Ayurveda. The company has grown leaps and bounds since 2007. Their innumerable achievements and token of goodness towards the world and environment is a continuous voice for their mission and goals. Trusting them is definitely a worthy tale for your skin, hair, health, and body. Find out their best-selling products listed below.

IMC Products Range

Skin Care, Personal Care, Baby Care, Health and Nutrition.

Apart from these, IMC also has products in the range of food products, home care, agriculture and veterinary, garments and apparel, accessories and promotional tools, books and literature, and purifiers.

Best-Selling IMC Products

  • IMC Herbal Aloe Gel
  • IMC Herbal Skin Toner
  • IMC Aloe Fairness Cream
  • IMC Herbal Hair Oil
  • IMC Beauty Blends Organic Noni Hair Color Shampoo
  • IMC Ayurvedic Skin Care Soap
  • IMC Aloe Smooth Hair Removing Cream
  • IMC Keshwin Herbal Henna
  • IMC Aloe Baby Massage Oil
  • IMC Aloe Baby Talcum Powder
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