Soaps are available in various types and kinds. However, we have often loved and used the one that kills germs and prevents diseases effectively. Lifebuoy is considered the world’s number one hygiene soap brand. Well, the popularity of Lifebuoy goes unsaid. Most households have used lifebuoy over the years. It has been passed down through generations because of its effectiveness and trust. But Lifebuoy is more than just soaps. Find the best of Lifebuoy at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Lifebuoy was introduced in 1895 when William Lever wanted to stop cholera in Victorian England. It initially started as a carbolic soap containing phenol that could kill germs, while being affordable to the mass. During World War I, the brand encouraged people to send Lifebuoy Lever’s Health Soap to the soldiers ensuring their health and hygiene.

In 1921, the theme of the Mother as the protector of her family health was introduced. Mother, the Health Doctor, became Lifebuoy’s inspiration that prioritizes care and health for her children. The theme still stands the testament of time. In 1930, Lifebuoy launched a campaign that fought body odor while killing germs and keeping the skin fresh. It boosted self-confidence in people largely. It also organized educational programs where the importance of handwashing, especially before mealtimes, was shown to the children. During World War II, Lifebuoy sent Lifebuoy branded vans with towels, soaps, and hot showers for inhabitants who had lost their access to basic hygienic amenities.

In the 1950s, Lifebuoy introduced a new ingredient named Puralin to attract female audiences who were put off by the smell of carbolic. The brand also changed the look of the soap into a softer, coral color to identify with women in general. Fast forward to 1966, Lifebuoy Mint Refresher was launched. It recognized the idea of cooling freshness that rejuvenates your skin and uplifts your mood instantly.

In 2000, Lifebuoy created a great impact in saving the lives of two-thirds of children under the age group of five by the awareness of Lifebuoy’s Clean Hands’ Campaign. Later in 2005, Lifebuoy was awarded the ‘Citizen Brand’ accolade in Indonesia for its contribution to hygiene education over the years. The brand worked with 2000 Mumbai families in 2007 by providing them with lifebuoy soap and educating them on the ‘Lifebuoy Way’ of handwashing and hygiene. This resulted in a 25% drop in five-year-old children suffering from diarrhea.

Lifebuoy is marketed by Unilever. The brand runs a mission known as ‘Help a Child Reach 5’. This mission promoted hygiene and healthy cleanliness practices starting from an early age to save children from getting affected by harmful diseases and eventually, losing their lives. The brand partners with global organizations such as USAID MCHIP, Oxfam, Partners in Health, Millenium Village Project, Red Cross, UNICEF, Save The Children, WSUP, Healthmap & Boston Children’s Hospital, LSHTM, PPPHW.

Lifebuoy’s contribution to the world’s health and hygiene has been immense. It is sold in over 60 countries today. Not just that, but the brand has combatted body odor to boost confidence in people. It has been a trustworthy partner in people’s journeys for decades now. With their wide range of hygiene products, safety is guaranteed.


Hand Wash: Nature Hand Wash, Lemon Fresh Hand Wash, Total 10 Germ Protection Hand Wash, Mild Care Hand Wash, Cool Fresh Hand Wash

Bar Soap: Lemon Fresh Soap Bar, Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar, Total 10 Germ Protection Soap Bar

Sanitizer: Lifebuoy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

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  • Lifebuoy Turmeric & Honey Soap
  • Lifebuoy Mild Care Milk Cream Hand Wash
  • Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer
  • Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar
  • Lifebuoy Cool Fresh Hand Wash
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