As a brand owned by parents themselves, who claim to use the products on their own kid, there is no doubt that Mamaearth is the best option for a safe and healthy skin and hair care routine for both babies and adults alike. Go through the Mamaearth brand page on Stylecraze Reviews and see how the products are faring. You can check out the reviews, ratings, and FAQs of each product and pick your favorites to incorporate into your routine.

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MamaEarth Baby Care Products

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It all started when Ghazal and Varun were expecting their first bundle of joy. Like all parents, they wanted the best for their baby and were shocked to find that almost every baby product out there contained harmful toxins. This got them concerned and that's how Mamaearth was born.

Mamaearth products are made from plant-derived key ingredients and are a combination of science and Ayurveda. They are dermatologically tested, FDA-approved, PETA-certified, and 100% cruelty-free. The brand also plants a tree for every order you place. Mamaearth is a brand that is safe for babies, animals, and, most importantly, the environment.

Why Should You Choose Mamaearth products?

Mamaearth is the only certified toxin-free brand in India. Unlike other products that contain harmful additives like phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances, Mamaearth products are certified safe, i.e., made with safe ingredients. The product lines meet international standards and now also cater to the hair care and skin care needs of every individual out there!

Are Mamaearth Products Good For The Skin And Hair?

Yes. Mamaearth products are good for the skin and hair and address issues like hair fall, dandruff, dry hair, pimples, spots, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, etc. They have a line of products carefully curated for every concern, and they are safe, toxin-free, mostly organic, and potent.

Product Categories Of Mamaearth

  • Baby Care: Plant-based diaper pants, toothpaste, dusting powder, oils, body wash, shampoo, plant-based detergent, detangle hairspray, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, bamboo-based wipes, soap, mosquito patches, face cream, lotions, vapor rub, massage oil, and body mists.
  • Adult Face Care: Acne kit, face milk, micellar water, sunscreen, face cream, night regimen, face masks, sleeping masks, dark circle roll-on, face scrub, toner, face serum, face wash, vitamin C kits, brightening kits, and tan removal kits.
  • Adult Hair Care: Scalp serum, hair fall kit, dandruff kit, spa kit, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair mask, hair serum, hair gel, hair tonics, beard, and hair oil for men.
  • Adult Body Care: Body lotion, body scrubs, body wash, hand cream, body butter, body creme, bar soap, body mist, hand sanitizer, and bath salts.

Best Selling Mamaearth Products List

Are Mamaearth Products Chemical-Free?

Yes. Mamaearth's products are free of chemicals and toxins and are natural and safe. They are dermatologically tested and FDA approved.

Can Adults Use Mamaearth Products?

Yes. Mamaearth has a line of products for adults as well as babies.

Can I Use Mamaearth Products During Pregnancy?

Yes. Mamaearth’s products are completely safe to use during pregnancy.

Are Mamaearth Products Vegan?

Yes. Mamaearth’s products are both cruelty-free and vegan.

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