Homegrown brands have a different charm of their own. Their stories of struggle, compassion, and dedication are something customers feel with all their heart and put in all their trust into. Modicare is one such brand. Being one of India’s leading direct selling companies, Modicare has brought into our lives amazing products that have not only fulfilled our needs but also made it to our everyday favorites for years now. Explore the journey and extensive range of Modicare Products only at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Modicare started on the 12th of July, 1973. It was founded by Rai Bahadur Gujaral Modi. His entrepreneurial spirit took him to Delhi with just Rs. 400. His first step as an entrepreneur was when he opened a sugar mill in Begumabad which is today known as Modinagar. He always believed strong people build a stronger community. He always prioritized providing a house for all his workers from the sugar mill. He improved the conditions of Modinagar by building modern housing, schools, and colleges. He made the town self-sufficient and helped the people to be independent.

He was awarded the Padma Bhusan in 1968 for his valuable contribution to society. He didn’t stop by just building his empire of business. It continued to grow into a huge business that opened various sectors and grew into a multibillion-dollar global conglomerate. This was done by opening a soap factory, oil-crushing plant, paint, and varnish factory, glycerin extraction plant, cotton textile mill, lantern factory, steel mill, and yarn mill, and so many more. All of these reached great heights between the time period of 1940-1963.

Mr. Krishan Kumar Modi, son of Rai Bahadur Gujaral Modi, is the founder of Modi Enterprises. He gave a different direction to the group’s strategic development. He also gave shape to the group’s core philosophy and vision. It grew up to become India’s leading corporate house under his guidance. His contribution has been significant and he has pursued several roles in industry, trade, education, sports, and charitable organisations. He was the President of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI); Member of the Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow) and Life Member of the All India Heart Foundation (Delhi), President of FICCI (1997-98) and President of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Bina Modi is the chairperson of Modi Enterprises. She is in charge of taking forward Mr. K.K Modi’s vision. She also drives the core leadership team towards the company’s goals. she is the President and Managing Director of Godfrey Phillips India. She also serves as the Chairman and Managing Director, Indofil Industries Limited. She is also on the CSR Committee of Godfrey Phillips India. Apart from all these, Mrs. Bina Modi is a successful entrepreneur of many other brands like Bina Fashions, Ego Specialty Restaurant Chain, Beacon Travels, and Dessange Salon. She also has been awarded with “Women of the Decade in Business and Leadership 2018” by Woman Economic Forum. She also received The Achiever’s Award in 2019 and featured in Prem Ahluwalia’s book ‘India’s Most Powerful Women’.

Mr.Samir Modi is the modern vision behind Modicare’s success. During his stay in the US, his multicultural approach to work made him understand the success of Indians. Before giving birth to Modicare, he worked as a consultant for many Direct Selling companies to learn and understand the market. He understood the only way to grow this success would be to achieve India’s economic independence. At the age of 25, he started Modicare with the vision to provide freedom to every Indian there is. Freedom to go beyond one’s expectations, to chase their dreams, and to empower everyone around them. He abides by his statement “Soch Badlo, Duniya Badlo, Khudko Badlo”.

Modicare stands with the values of fair play, quality, teamwork, creativity, and innovation. The brand’s mission is solely based on empowering a consultant. Empowering a consultant will help them take ownership to solve their problems, to become a leader will help strengthen their team. The brand aims at recognizing the consultant’s potential and maximize their results and thus, by fulfilling all these, the brand aims to achieve a smile on all their consultants’ faces.

Today, Modicare is one of the leading and fastest-growing Direct Selling Companies in India. It is also a part of $1.5 billion Modi Enterprises. It has been providing us with products of everyday and all-day needs. It also continues to touch the lives of millions of Indians through the Modicare Freedom Movement.

Modicare Products Range

Modicare has a wide range of products like wellness, personal care, skin care, etc. Let’s take a look on some of their most exciting product ranges.

Skin Care: Hydrating Mists, Cleansers, Toners, Scrub, Mask, Face Pack, Moisturizer, Face Pack, Sunscreen, Fairness, Anti Aging

Brand: Fruit of the Earth, Schloka

Color: Lips, Nails, Face, Eye, Skin, Accessories

Brand: Urban Color, New Pro White SHeet Mask, Pro White

Personal Care: Feminine Hygiene, Hand Wash, Men’s Grooming, Oral Care, Bath Basics, Body Care, Hair Care, Deos and Talcs, Hand Sanitizers

Brand: All Pure, Baby Spa, Essensual, Freedom, Fresh Moments, Salon Professional, Fruit of the Earth, Salon Professional Advance Formula, Sofwash, Velocity

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