Each one of us is growing more aware of our skin and its products with each passing day. In most cases, natural products have treated and maintained our skin to be its best version. Olivia Cosmetics makes products with the choicest and purest of natural ingredients to enrich our skin and hair. Explore their extensive range of natural products at your fingertips. Right here at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Olivia Cosmetics started its journey with India’s first herb bleach, three decades ago. From one single product, the company has grown to one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in India today. The products at Olivia are curated with natural ingredients, making them safe for all customers. The brand has over 100 SKU’s and their wide range of products are thoroughly loved and used by customers, professionals, and salons.

The brand believes research is the root of every new development and enhancement. With changing trends, evolving alongside the beauty industry, experimental trends and customer needs are very essential. Hence, the state-of-the-art analytical and microbiological lab of Olivia is of high quality. At this lab, they keep enhancing old products and developing new ones.

Irfan Memom and Asif Memom are two pillars behind this brand. Irfan has modernized the brand for the people and restructured the business model, making a healthy change in the trade and sales of the brand. Asif has always shown a keen interest in rural markets and interacting with local vendors. This has made his vision of customer insights and behavioral trends stronger. It helps him make changes in the product sales network effectively. Olivia Cosmetics stands true to its motto of making you feel beautiful. Plunge into the essence of natural ingredients by choosing the best of Olivia Cosmetics listed below.

Olivia Cosmetics Products Range

Skin Care

Face Wash

Facial Kit

Creams: Massage Creams, Herbal Creams, De-Tan Creams



Face Pack

Face Scrub

Personal Care: Bleach, Hair Removal

Cosmetics: Makeup Base, Eye Makeup, Kajal

Hair Care

Winter Care: Lip Balms, Winter Creams, Moisturizer


Health Care: Sanitizers

Best-Selling Olivia Products
  • Olivia Kajal
  • Olivia Gold Bleach
  • Olivia Waterproof Pan-Cake
  • Olivia De-Tan Bleach
  • Olivia Liquid Foundation Satin Finish
  • Olivia Oxygen Bleach Oxygen Rich Fairness
  • Olivia Herb Bleach
  • Olivia Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk
  • Olivia Compact Powder
  • Olivia Instant Waterproof Makeup Stick
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