You have got one life, one skin type, and definitely that one hair type of your own, why not make the best of it? Ozone Ayurvedics brings you a herbal skincare and haircare line that lives and adds vitality to your hair, and skin. Its extensive range of products is enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda that strengthens and rejuvenates your natural beauty. Explore the best of Ozone Ayurvedics right here, at StyleCraze Reviews.

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The Ozone Group of Companies built its foundation on the idea of wellbeing. Its mission has been to add years to life or add life to the years because life is precious. The company aims to provide protection and care. The company has five different ventures: Pharmaceuticals, Beauty and Cosmetics, Food, Wellness, and Skill Development. It has two ultramodern plants at Baddi and Guwhati. The brand was launched in 1991 and today has a widespread presence across the country. The state-of-the-art technology creates high-quality products to ensure the best for you. The product development is supported by NABL accredited R&D facilities at Bahadurgarh and Gurgaon.

Ozone Ayurvedics started in 2001 and ever since has been a beloved brand of many. Its flagship brand ‘NOMARKS’ thrilled the anti marks skincare market. Although it was divested later, Ozone Ayurvedics came up with new and effective skin, hair, and premium lifestyle brands.

Organic Advantage is a 100% organic and herbal driven skincare brand offered by the salon, Ozono Professional Range. The brand has recently partnered with Pevonia and Novex, renowned global cosmetic names. It is their premium skincare brand for the distribution of skincare and haircare products. Look out for their best-selling products right here.

Ozone Products Range

Skin Care

  • Category: Cleansers/Toners, Face Packs/Masks, Exfoliators/Scrubs, Creams/Moisturizers, De-tanning, Sun Protection, Speciality Facials, Self Care Facials, Body Care
  • Concerns: Lines/Wrinkles/Anti Aging, Dull & Tired Skin/ Skin Brightening, Acne & Dark Spots, Scars/ Stretch Marks, Oily Skin, Dryness/Hydration, Tanning/Sun Burn, Pollution/Dirt & Impurities, Uneven Skin Tone/Pigmentation, Dark Circles, Dead/undernourished SKin

Hair Care

  • Category: Shampoo, Hair Mask, Oil/Ampoule/Serum, Conditioner
  • Concerns: Brittle/Weak, Chemically Damaged/Frizzy Hair, Dry/Frizzy Hair with Split Ends, Lifeless/Dull/Tired Hair, Hair Fall/Hair Loss/Dandruff, Greying Hair/Ageing Hair

Personal Care

  • Category: Eye Drops, Intimate Wash, Body Oil/Serum, Face Oil/Serum
  • Concerns: Dry Eyes/Watery Eyes/Itching/Redness, Vaginal Itching/Irritation/Bad Odor, Stretch Marks/Post Pregnancy Marks, Scars/Blemishes/Dark Circles/Pimple Marks

Ozone Exclusives

Glo Radiance: Solutions for Glowing - Radiant Skin

Oily Skin, Normal Skin, Dry & Combination Skin

Novex: Brazilian Haircare Solutions

Keratin Hair Care, Bamboo Spout Hair Care, Olive Oil Hair Care, Argan Oil Hair Care

Ozone Professional Range: Exclusive Range of Professional Skin Care Solutions

Acne & Dark Spots, Uneven Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Best-selling Ozone Personal Care Products

  • Ozone Wanish Face Oil
  • Ozone 1m Intimate Cream
  • Ozone Wanish Body Oil
  • Ozone Ayurvedics ITIS Plus Eye Drop

Best-selling Ozone Skin Care Products

  • Ozone Classic Cucumber Toner
  • Ozone Glo Radiance Renewing Day Cream
  • Ozone Glo Radiance Luminous Skin Protection Lotion
  • Ozone Glo Radiance Hydra Skin Cleanser
  • Ozone Glo Radiance Repairing Night Cream

Best-Selling Ozone Hair Care Products

  • Ozone Novex Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Ozone Novex Argan Oil Hair Mask
  • Ozone Ayurvedics Semop Shampoo

Best-Selling Ozone Products

  • Ozone Ayurvedics Sandal Face Wash
  • Ozone Acne Check Hydrant
  • Ozone Almond Anti Wrinkle Cream Youth Restoring Hydrant
  • Ozone Perfect Skin Tone Hydrant
  • Ozone Neem Face Pack
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