With technology becoming more and more essential in every aspect of human life, innovation is what has helped mankind gain a better and easier living. Philips, a health technology company has significantly improved our well-being with the help of innovation throughout the years. The contribution of Philips to our homes and lives has been immense. At StyleCraze Reviews, discover most of their products that have made our lives better living today.

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Philips was founded in 1891 by Gerald Philips and his father Federick. What started as consumer electronics have shifted its focus today towards healthcare technology. The three divisions of Philips i.e Personal Health, Connected Care, and Diagnosis & Treatment have given solutions to our life’s utmost daily necessities.

Philips has always aimed at designing a product that understands people’s functional, emotional, and aspirational needs. It designs not just products but the experiences provided by these products, experiences that strengthen man’s capabilities. It aims to create designs that communicate and resonate with people’s thoughts to enhance their quality of living by only making it easier. Philips as a company visions the future of innovative healthcare with a team of driven, hardworking professionals.

Philips has been working with many third-party companies for over 17 years now only to analyze the outside approach. To innovate and create, one must understand and inculcate a person’s needs and viewpoints. Philips has done that just right by putting people at the heart of all innovations. Their collaborative approach to effective innovation is known as Cocreate. The foundation of cocreate is built on three major principles: making it all about the user, prioritizing diversity, and exploring everything.

The company is spread over many offices across the world that bring to you the best service possible. Moreover, it works towards the future responsibly and sustainably. It has commitments towards all Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) dimensions that guide the company’s strategy. It also fulfills United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG 3,12, and 13.

The brand visions to improve the lives of 2.5 billion people’s lives by the year 2030. It aims to prioritize circular economy, eco designs, and climate action. It is the world’s first healthcare company to have its CO2 targets approved by the Science Based Targets’s initiative. It also scored CDP A rating for its essential engagement with suppliers on climate change. Similarly, the brand has won many awards and accolades in its last 130 years of expertise.


Personal Care Products

For Men: OneBlade- Shape, Trim, and Shave, Face Shavers, Beard Trimmers and Grooming Kits, Hair Clippers, and Body Groomers

For Women: Beauty Tips for Women, Satinelle Epilator, Hair Removal, Hair care

Oral Health Care: Electric Toothbrushes, Toothbrush Heads, Philips Sonicare Air Floss, Teeth Whitening

Apart from Personal Care Products, Philips also has a wide range of household products, Mother and Child Care, Health and other electronic products.

Best selling Philips Products
  • Philips Essential Care BHD007/20 Hair Dryer
  • Philips HP8315/00 Hair Straightener
  • Philips BRE210/00 Satinelle Advanced Epilator
  • Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener
  • Philips HP6306 /00 Wet & Dry Lady Shaver
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