In traditional Indian households, Homeopathy has been the ultimate cure to major health, skin, and hair problems. Throughout the years, SBL has grown to become the leading homeopathic medicine manufacturing company in India. SBL Global has served us with the best homeopathy solutions. Explore their wide range of products at StyleCraze Reviews.

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The inception of the company dates back to 1983 as Sharda Boiron Laboratories Ltd. It started in collaboration with Laboratories Boiron of Lyon, France. The latter has been a leading company in the world since 1932. Boiron helped in setting up this state-of-art, air-conditioned manufacturing facilities at Sahidabad and beginning production and testing processes of high international standards. The manufacturing processes are also available in Jaipur and Haridwar. Over the years, the benchmarks have been set higher and maintained.

SBL’s research standards have always been high. It has introduced several newly-researched products in the market over the years. It is the only homeopathic pharmaceutical company in India whose R & D is recognized by The Ministry Of Science and Technology, Government of India. All its liquid formulations undergo microbiological tests to ensure that it has not developed fungi during storage.

A disease like diabetes is difficult to cure completely. SBL aims at researching not just to improve products but also to cure ailments like diabetes. The brand has developed a combination that benefits in managing non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. It is still under medical research. The brand is also trying to incorporate ayurvedic herbs through the process of homeopathic manufacturing.

SBL’s R&D development scale is very high. Its team is constantly working towards upgrading existing products, standardizing the products, developing new products. It also is working hard towards improving manufacturing and testing methods of various products, undergoing the best clinical trials, and aiding new drug proving. SBL is constantly trying to enhance old and develop new remedies to relieve people from sickness.

The company believes to provide World Class Quality medicines at the most affordable prices, making them accessible to everyone. Mr. B.K. Shrestha, Chairman of SBL also states that Homeopathy is the second most preferred treatment today. The gap between allopathy and homeopathy is blurring significantly. Soon, Homeopathy will be considered as the first line of treatment. And for that, you know who to trust -SBL. Explore SBL products as listed below.

SBL Products Range

Homeopathic Products: Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Bio Chemic/Combination, Speciality Tablets, Speciality Liquids, Ointments

Herbal Products


Best SBL Products

  • SBL Clean Feel Feminine Hygiene Wash
  • SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil
  • SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil
  • SBL Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • SBL Wipeclear Acne Lotion
  • SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo
  • SBL’s Glowing Beauty Fairness Cream
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