New times or old, the formula to healthy skin has remained the same: water/hydration. Vichy is a brand that fulfills the thirst of your skin with its powerful mineral-rich water, Vichy Volcanic Water. It quenches the thirst of your skin and gives it a glowing, healthy appearance. Learn more about Vichy cosmetics right here at StyleCraze Reviews.

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Vichy Laboratories is a French-dermo cosmetic brand launched in 1931 by Dr. Haller, a dermatologist. He discovered that Vichy Volcanic Water has the power to repair skin, fortify skin’s protective barrier, and improve skin properties. With this vision, Vichy was established to put efficacy and safety in all the formulations and research and innovate thoroughly to improve women’s skin at every stage of their lives.

Vichy has understood that the skin is influenced and affected by environmental, behavioral, and hormonal changes. Their effect can affect the skin’s biological functions and promote its aging. The experts at the Vichy Laboratories have constantly been researching the elements that affect skin evolution over time. With these many studies, Vichy pioneered a science in 2016 namely, Skin Exposome Science. Through this science, the brand became a dermo-cosmetics range that combines dermatology with other medical fields such as neurosciences, endocrinology, etc. Hence, it diagnoses skin dysfunctions by seeing symptoms. It prescribes products whose efficiency are tested in real conditions.
Vichy aims at understanding Exposome factors and their influence on the skin and supports this area of research internationally via the annual Vichy Exposome Grant.

Vichy has also launched an AI-powered skin diagnosis platform named SkinConsultAI in the year 2018. It is based on 15 years of thorough research about skin aging. The algorithm is designed to analyze various clinical signs of aging and factors that accelerate aging. It was made with the help of dermatologists and Exposome medical board. The diagnosis helps women learn about the different skin priorities, concerns, and aging factors.

The company also went a step forward by launching Vichy Connect. It is a series of livestream talks by its multidisciplinary medical experts. These experts focus on current dermatological topics to help women learn and understand how to manage the future of their beautiful skin. Learn more about Vichy and its products listed below.

Vichy Products Range

  • Skincare: Body Care, Eye Care, Face Mask, Face Moisturizer, Serum, Facial CLeanser & Toner, Foundation and Concealer, Men’s Skincare, Night Cream, Sunscreen
  • Anti-Aging: Anti-Aging Day Cream, Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Serum, Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream, Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Vitamin C SKin Care

Best-selling Vichy Products

  • Vichy Normaderm Daily Deep CLeansing Gel
  • Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Essence
  • Vichy Normaderm Anti Imperfection and Rejuvenating Care Night Cream
  • Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum Brightening Skin Corrector
  • Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  • Vichy Dercos Energizing Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme
  • Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser
  • Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light
  • Vichy EAU Thermale Spa Water
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