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1 year ago

To hide baldness


Natural look

Smudge proof

This is a unique formula that aids in hiding the baldness and a temporary solution. My cousin was bald at the crown area and I had seen him using this Caboki Hair Building Fiber to hide his bald head. These are fibers that work on the static friction technology. It needs to be applied on the scalp on completely dry hair. After sprinkling these fibers on the head, it needs to be patted gently so that it does not come off and wait till it gets dried completely. You cannot distinguish between the real hair and these fibers as these blend really well with the hair color. It is a unisex product. Also it does not have any side effects and does not smear or smudge the clothes.

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Caboki is a perfect product for hair fall and baldness sufferers. This product eliminates bald spots and also fills in the thinning of hair. This hair building fiber is made up of natural fibers from the plants. It is also free of animal ingredients, preservatives, fillers and chemicals; hence, it is safe and secure. These fibers bonds with the scalp and maintain the hair style for a really long time. It does not stain or smear the clothes or the skin. This product is perfectly suitable for both men and women. It cannot be noticed individually and it blends with the colour of the skin. It stays the same, under bright light and outdoors. The product effectiveness lasts all day, through wind, rain, at all seasons.

How To Use Caboki Hair Building Fiber ?

  • Arrange your hair well and make sure it is dry before use. Do not use any hair spray.
  • Open the jar bottle down 45 degree and shake above the head gently, so that the fibers scatter into the hair.
  • Do this until the complete scalp is covered.
  • Pat these fibers gently to spread averagely and to get tightly attached to the hair.
  • Do not comb the hair; it might affect the electrostatic adsorption.
  • After 30 seconds, hair spray can be slightly used.
  • Do not touch until it is dry.

Caboki Hair Building Fiber Benefits And Uses :

  • Eliminates the appearance of hair loss and bald spots instantly.
  • Gives you a natural look.
  • Last all day long and is water resistant.
  • Does not smudge or stain your clothes or skin.
  • Works for both men and women.
  • Available in various shades.
  • Travel friendly packaging and affordable.
  • Gives a fuller hair look instantly.

Caboki Hair Building Fiber Shades (Colors) :

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Blonde Natural
  • Blonde Golden
  • Blonde Auburn
  • Light Auburn
  • Dark gray
  • Salt pepper dark
  • Salt pepper light
  • Gray
  • Silver white