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Cheryl’s Hydramoist Moisturiser Ingredients

Kokum Butter
Lactopro from milk
soybean oil and lactobacillus
Xylityl polyglucoside

Cheryl’s Hydramoist Moisturiser Reviews

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Cheryl's Hydramoist Moisturiser balances the skin moisture and protects the skin from getting dehydrated. It maintains the natural oil- moisture balance of the skin and keeps it healthy and glowing. It treats dryness and dullness of the skin and gives it a natural brightness. It is ideal for dry skin. Its quick-absorbing formula penetrates the skin, instantly giving fast relief from dryness.

How To Use Cheryl’s Hydramoist Moisturiser ?

  • Apply it after bathing.
  • Dispense the lotion on the palm of your hand.
  • Massage onto skin until it gets completely absorbed.
  • Reapply as and when required.

Cheryl’s Hydramoist Moisturiser Benefits And Uses :

  • Makes the skin smooth and soft.
  • No breakouts on skin.
  • Brightens and hydrates skin.
  • Boosts moisture in skin.