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Cinthol Cool Talc Ingredients

Menthyl Lactatae

Cinthol Cool Talc Reviews

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Cinthol Cool Deo Talc is the cooling talc, which gives you a refreshing effect throughout the day. It is best designed for summer with menthol as its rich ingredient. It adds a healthy glow and does not cake up. This powder blends quite well, provided that your skin is sufficiently moisturized. It can be used to set your foundation and for touch-ups. It calms down the skin and provides a cooling sensation with its fragrance of menthol. This talc also removes excess oil from and even out complexion. It keeps the body odor at bay and gives the last long cooling effect.

How To Use Cinthol Cool Talc ?

  • Take a little quantity of the talc and evenly apply it on your skin.
  • Use it on all body parts or as desired.
  • It cann be used daily and is better use after your daily shower.

Cinthol Cool Talc Benefits And Uses :

  • It does not settle into fine lines.
  • Prevents body odor.
  • Absorbs excess oils.
  • Gives a matte finish to the skin.
  • It does not cause breakouts.
  • Contains menthol

Cinthol Cool Talc Shades (Colors) :

  • Cool
  • Lime
  • Original