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Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.5

4 Reviews


2 years ago

Lightens Dark Spots !!


Lightens Dark spots

I love using Serum based products, which are more effective than the regular cream based products . Got this Cipla VC15 Vitamin C serum to treat the few dark spots on the cheeks and forehead which looked very visible over a makeup . The Serum comes well packed in a standard serum packaging that is leakproof . Just 2 drops each time is enough for covering the affected area and it absorbs so quickly into the skin . After a regular usage of about a month, my dark spots was lighten and started to fade away which was very much satisfying . They are expensive, but very effective in eliminating dark spots without making the skin dry . Much recommended serum, that does not cause any skin damage and a single bottle comes for a very long time . It is very gentle and can be used by all skin type !!

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2 years ago

Vitamin C serum


Vitamin C is an antioxidant

Evens the skin tone

There are so many different serums today and it becomes a little challenging to choose the right product for our skin type. Cipla is very famous for skincare products, they claim to be safe and also effective on the skin. There are various skin treatment products from them and I have heard good things. As the skin started to age and started to show the signs of the delicate areas of the skin. I was curious to see if I can use light and easy to use the product on my skin. Hence I purchased the VC15 vitamin C serum, even though it was not very pocket-friendly I bought it. I have been using the serum at night past few weeks. The serum is very light on the skin, it is absolutely lovely to see that just a few drops of the serum work so well on the skin. since I am using just a few drops, the bottle seems to be long-lasting. I have been carrying the bottle with me as it is sturdy. I can see the dark spots, marks are gradually disappearing. Also, it is helpful in maintaining the ph level in the skin, skin feels more firm and looks younger.

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2 years ago

Good serum for every day use


Cipla has come up with a pure form of vitamin c serum for skin. I purchased one for me when I came across this serum. It is enriched with L-ascorbic acid at 15% concentration. The texture of this serum is very light and smoothly glides on the skin and gets easily absorbed into it. This serum is nongreasy and nonsticky when applied on the skin. It does not weigh down the skin. It highly moisturizes the skin. It replenishes moisture levels in the skin and locks it, giving the hydrated feel on the skin all day long. It is suitable for all skin types. It does not irritate the skin or cause inflammation on the acne. Hence, it is safe and gentle on those with acne-prone or sensitive skin types. It does not clog the skin pores. This serum protects the skin from sun damage and harmful UV rays. It has anti-aging property, which fights with premature signs of aging. It reduces age spots, lightens the fine lines and firms the skin. It improves skin elasticity by enhancing collagen production in the skin. I have seen a visible change in the skin texture and this serum has lightened the dark spots and blemishes on my skin. This is a very good serum for everyday use.

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2 years ago

Lovely serum


Reduces pigmentation.

Fights premature ageing.

Removes acne.

I have been using a lot of serums on my face as a protection towards acne growth and to hydrate and lighten my skin. I had read a lot about Vitamin C serums and wanted to procure one to enhance my skin health. I came across the Cipla VC 15 Vitamin C serum and immediately purchased it. The serum comes packaged in a small transparent blue colour bottle with white colour lid which contains the dropper to apply the serum. I apply the serum after washing my face by taking of few drops of it and gently massaging it all over my face.The serum is lightweight and non greasy and does not irritate my skin. I found my face extremely hydrated and soft after using this regularly. I could see a reduction in the acne marks on my face and my face looked more brighter . The serum effectively helped to even out my skin tone and reduce the pigmentation and the appearance of open pores on my face. I did find the price of the product very expensive compared to the quantity which was provided in the bottle. However the serum justifies its cost with its performance. I would surely recommend this product.

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Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum contains vitamin C at a concentration of 15%. The formula for all the ingredients is stable and safe. The most bioactive form of Vitamin C has been infused here in this serum. L-Ascorbic acid and VC-15 Serum is available with 15% concentration and a pH of 2.7 is infused in the serum. The presence of these ingredients ensure good and fast absorption. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that removes old skin cells that cause dark spots and encourages the production of new cells.

How To Use Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum ?

  • Open the bottle and replace the cap with a dropper.
  • Take 10 drops of the liquid and neatly apply on face and neck untill it gets abosrbed.
  • Apply it on bare face before using moisturizer or makeup.

Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum Benefits And Uses :

  • Effective antioxidant.
  • Improves skin tone.

Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum Side Effects :

  • May cause:
  • Stinging
  • Erythema
  • Dry skin


Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum Ingredients

L-ascorbic acid