Clinique Almost Lipstick Reviews

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Clinique Almost Lipstick is formulated to give a sheer and lip balm like coverage to the lips. With two shades to choose from, the lipstick adapts to the natural tone of the lips. The pigmentation is subtle and leaves only a tint when applied on the lips. It nourishes and moisturizes the lips deeply for a soft and smooth pout. The emollient texture of the lipstick glides smoothly on the lips. The light texture of the lip balm has hydrating effects on the lips. Dry and chapped lips can be easily treated using the lipstick as it acts as a nourishing lip balm on application.

How To Use Clinique Almost Lipstick ?

  • Using a lip scrub or exfoliator, scrub off all the dead skin cells.
  • Glide the lipstick on the lips.
  • You can apply other lipsticks on it, if desired.

Clinique Almost Lipstick Benefits And Uses :

  • Comes in two universally-flattering shades that suit every skin tone.
  • Does not feel heavy or sticky on the lips.
  • Protects the lips against damage by creating a moisture shield on the lips.